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Getting Bigger, Stonger, and Faster


How can I gain muscle mass while not sacrificing speed? I need to get bigger and stronger for football while maintaining or increasing my speed.


If you're gaining MUSCLE mass, key word being muscle, then you probably won't have any problem with losing speed.
Over this summer I went from 158lbs. to 185lbs. and my forty went from a 4.79 to a 4.63 (I've actually ran a couple 4.5's, but until I can run a time three times in a row I won't count it.)

I almost guarantee you're nowhere near having to worry about things like this.
Continue training hard, continue eating big, and continue to practice your sport, that is all you need to do.


What lifts did you do?


Ivoodoo I have been wanting to gain some muscle mass. What did you do? I am 179-180 right now


I had similar results as iVooDoo. I went from 160 to 185 and took my 40 from a 5.32 to a 4.85. I'm still pretty slow, but I got around to speed training in June. It was mostly my running form that made a difference. I hired a real speed coach and helped a lot. But here's a great article from Elitefts that should help you.


Hope this helps.



To gain mass, eat food.

I, and so many athletes before me have made the mistake of thinking we could train our way to 200 lbs. but it just doesn't happen, you have to eat your way there! It's the only way.

Now, as for programming, you really can't go wrong with Joe Defranco's WS4SB Template.
It's produced thousands of ridiculous athletes, and it's a really solid program.
Defranco's gotten something like ten kids down to sub 4.2 forty's in his career.
I've said it multiple times, dude's a freakin' genius.

Train so hard that you can barely remember your own name, then go eat whatever isn't nailed down. (Excluding sugary junk food, soda, candy, etc.) I kid you not, I eat an entire Large pizza after every workout.

Train big, eat big, be big, pretty simple right?


That sums it up pretty well!


You should be asking how to gain muscle to enhance speed. Look at the fastest professional athletes...are any of them small??


ok how can i gain the right muscles to enhance speed?


I told you what coach to look up in my second post.
Joe DeFranco.


... Train FAST

Just keep your lifts EXPLOSIVE as shit. Why would you lose speed if you gained muscle, but kept your training explosive?


Get shit loads stronger and sprint regularly. If you can afford a coach, get one.


Would you guys suggest sprinting with a parachute to increase speed and strength?


Are you on a football team? Talk to your coach about what you should be doing. I don't think I see many people sprinting with parachutes, although I'm not entrenched in football. Seems a little gimmicky to me.

I think I would rather you focus on getting bull strong on the squat and the deadlift and became the fastest sprinter you can be before I strapped a parachute to you.


by squating 2.5 times your bodyweight haha


Parachutes are absolute garbage..
Hill Sprints FTW.


the fastest one of all time is pretty small. Bolt is a pretty skinny lanky dude


205 of pure muscle