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Getting Bigger + One arm pullup - Take 1



1.5 hours of manual labor (garden prep, after grandmother fell and injured her back. mostly flipping dirt and moving stuff)


Btm w6d1 pt2 + growth factor

Press- 85x5 top set, probably had a 6th
BPU x10-15 in between

Growth factor press set x2
Cuban press, SGBTN, CGBTN, Savickas, Bradford, Push press (5/press @ 55 lbs)
Shoulders quickly shut down, not used to lactate work


BtM w6d2pt1

1a. DB snatch x 5 @ 30 lbs
2a. Deadlift 3x5 topset @ 225 lbs
3a. Double crunches x6-8, focus on contracting abs

2a. 3 count paused shrugs x12-15 @ 30 lbs
2b. Lawnmowers (Paul carter) x8-15 @ 30 lbs (2 rounds, got called inside)

3a. One legged elevated calf raise x10 + 10 sec hold @ BW (2-3 sec negative)
3b. Tibia raise x 30-50 (3 rounds)

*Edit- lawnmowers caused some decent mid trap/back soreness


GF training

So I had planned to do a cross between BtM and GF training, however
I start on incline db press- get two sets before getting called inside to cook lunch
Few hours later- start on incline db press, get two sets in before leaving for the botanical garden

2.5 hours (roughly) walking
Third to half of a mile of human walks. Just like there are yoke walks- there are human walks. @80 lbs

then dad decides to lift with me today. So…
BB row- work up to 3x5 @ 95
Bench- sets of 5-2 @ 75 lbs
Pullovers- long ass RP sets @ 10 lbs.
*These loosened his shoulders

Me At this point I realize I’m not finishing BtM before I have to sleep
Incline DB press- 2x8-12 @ 25 lb dbs, 3 sec decents
Incline bench @ dad’s weight for sets of 5
Weighted pullups- 3(?)x3 @ 25 lbs
*Edit- these made my abs/ hamstrings sore

GF Shoulders

Press Medley @ empty bar- 3 rounds, 5 reps each (rest pause as needed)

  1. Cuban Press
  2. BTN SG
  3. BTN CG
  4. Savickas
  5. Bradford
  6. Push press

DB lateral complex @ 5 lb collars- 3 rounds, 4-6 reps each (rest pause as needed)

  1. Top half front raise
  2. Lateral raise
  3. Y raise
  4. Lateral raise
  5. Outside-In raise
  6. Glass laterals

Width superset #1 @ 5 lb collars- 3 excruciating rounds

  1. Incline laterals: 6-10 reps
  2. Seated laterals w 2 second Iso holds first half: AMRAP (10-15)
  3. Incline partial laterals: AMRAP (10-15)
  4. Seated partial laterals: AMRAP (8-12)
  5. Front raise: 6

Rear delt burn

  1. 1x50 incline rear delt raise partials (ROM degradation) @ 5 lb collars
  2. 1x15 rear delt raises with 2 second iso holds @ 2.5 lb plates (could actually feel my rear delts for the first time)

Shoulders dead


Chest/Shoulders with friend

Incline DB twist press- 4x12 with 3 second descents @ 25 lb bells
BB low incline- 2x6, 1xRP (I got 8, he got 5) @ 105 lbs

Press (push press for him)- 6x3 @ 65 lbs, clean the bar once

Press medley- SGBTN, CGBTN, Savickas, Bradford, Push- x3 rounds @ empty bar

Collar lateral complex (2.5 lb plates for him)- 3 rounds, 4-6 reps each

  1. Top half front raise
  2. Lateral
  3. Y
  4. Lateral
  5. Outside-in
  6. Glass

Race (get to) to 50 SGBTN @ empty bar (I went first)
12, 23, (shoulders died) 28, 30. stoped

Shoulders pumped


So I woke up today with really sore abs. Situps hurt, laughing hurt, sneezing hurt, flexing them hurt, etc
EIther I

  1. Made my abs really sore (don’t ever remember them feeling like this) via heavy weighted pullups/L sits+ pullups
  2. Mildly strained them


Quick back workout
One arm barbell row two sets per armx8 at 40 lbs
DB dead stops 2 x 8 / arm at 65 lb

Moderate soreness day after


Dicking around

70 lb t bar belt squats x some sets x 5s
Ring suspended (not a typo) partial OHP (low forehead level) 10-15x1 @ 115 lbs
*Note- if I missed a rep, and then gripped the bar really hard/flexed glutes really hard I more than likely got it the 2nd attempt


Potentially a stupid thought- but I think I just found my power rack. It’s yellow and has black straps (rings)


Calf work
9 Calf stairs/Tibia Raises- 5 per leg / 15
Pretty nice pump