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Getting Bigger + One arm pullup - Take 1



I return to update the first post when stuff happens (credit @ActivitiesGuy for post format)

Log start: Nov 15, 2017
Last update: April 12, 2018

14 years old
~130 lbs (59 kg)
~5’6.5" (168.9 cm)
7ish years of karate

Recent PRs
Deadlift 1x300 lbs (4/3/18)
Squat 1x195 lbs (4/12/18)
Front squat 1x140 lbs (4/5/18)
Bench 1x135 lbs (2/15/18)
Clean & Press 1x115 (lbs 3/4/18)
Clean 1x125 lbs (3/4/18)
Strict Press 1x90 lbs (3/4/18)

Goals for 2018
Deadlift 1x365 lbs
Squat 1x245 lbs
Bench 1x165 lbs
Clean & Press 1x165 lbs
One arm pullup 1x1 @ bw

Brief history
Ran x-country in 7th grade. Long ish story short, because of a rainstorm, I got introduced to lifting. Eventually convinced a girl I like to lift with me @ school. Bought 245 lbs of weights, olympic bar and old bench for 60 bucks the summer before eighth grade


I burned by hand in school today. Will start logging friday


Welcome mate in for your log.


Great start my friend lel

In future beware of flames both IRL and online


Hot glue, not fire. Same end result though- typing is also annoying


7 AM conditioning
stairs + clap pushups *5 minutes
Light (power clean/snatch reverse “sled” drag/abs) 40 ish min
Light 15 rep deadlifts + weighted plank 3 rounds
Done at school

Notes- I can hold a bar- that’s good.
Notes pt 2- I almost burned myself again, light is done though- will post a pic soon
Notes pt 3- power cleans/snatches for high(er) volume make my traps sore


Finished this up today, took about 1.5 weeks


I feel like those are actually really good numbers for your height and weight and age. I’ve never followed a log quite like this one. Will be interested to see how it goes.

Also, isn’t 5’7 relatively tall at your age?

It’d also be nice to get a few videos so we can help you with technique. You’re so young, it’s going to be pretty crucial that you develop good motor patterns now to avoid problems in the future.

  1. Thanks
  2. ~5’7", and I am pretty tall (relative to my classmates)
  3. I’ll try to get some today, side view?


In the interest of not dying, 5x3 vs 3x5
5x3 squats @ 135 lbs
4x3 bench @ 105 lbs (10 lbs extra, was lazy)
2x5 chinups + 5 lbs in my jacket hood
1x5 dead @ 215 (ugly, I was tired)
vids later
Also what should I eat pre w/o? as it’s currently water
Suggestions of post w/o foods/meals appreciated too

Notes- take longer rest periods
Notes pt 2- I’ve retained most of my strength- haven’t lifted anything heavy for ~3 weeks


Are you still running SS?

I just re-read some of the programming since I am running an LP for a second time, and you can certainly get more than 3-5 weeks out of it. The key is to know how to prevent and overcome stalling. I missed this the first time, but when it starts getting hard, drop your incremental increases - start adding five pounds to your Squat and Deads, 2.5 to your presses.

Then, if you miss reps, just repeat the weight the following workout. If you miss reps in consecutive workouts, drop the weight by 20% and start over.

Then, you can add a light day. For example, you squat 200 on Monday for three sets of five, squat 140 for 3x5 on Wednesday, and go to 205 for 3x5 on Friday. Take two days off and squat 210 3x5 on Monday, 145 on Wednesday, 215 on Friday.

Finally, you can go to 3x3 to continue the LP before switching to intermediate programming.

For 5 pound increments, you can buy fractional plates. I just bought 2 plates of 1.25 pounds on amazon for about $20.

Just offering info that I read. You’re doing fine, keep it up.

FWIW, my daughter just turned 14 and she’s 5’6", about 160, lol. She is also tall for her age.


Just started- actually just getting reacclimated to “heavy” stuffs
Thanks for the info
Edit: is everyone going to harp about my weight? (not annoyed, just wondering)


Lol, wasn’t harping about your weight, my daughter is a bit over weight so it’s not a good comparison.

You’re fine, just eat healthy.


Yes. Eat more yum yums because gains.


There is actually zero junk food at my house (unless you count breakfast cereal), and if I’m supposed to eat more it’ll either be some version of eggs or I’ll have to cook


last set of squats, excuse shitty lighting and video angle


Damn. That’s dedication right there! Having to unrack whilst sitting down.


lol thanks. I need a rack though


Definitely, also what shoes are you wearing in the vid?


New balance - I think