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Getting Bigger Legs with Lunges?


just wondering if anyone here only lunges to work their quads?

i only have access to dumbbells and an 18kg weighted vest so i was gonna use lunges as my main mass builder for legs, and train legs twice a week. im aware their not squats, or as good as, but you got to work with what youve got.
just thought id mention that i plan on doing glute ham raises to work the backside aswell, so that i dont become quad dominant. just incase people think il only be doing the lunges.

anyone here only do lunges for legs? if so, what sort of gains have you made?



That's not going to get you very far, but it's better than nothing. Single-leg squats with the rear leg elevated, and weighted pistol squats are good additions, but you really need to work on getting more stuff or a gym membership.


How heavy are your DB's? Wear the vest as well as use the DB for a deep goblet squat, they are great for building the legs.


I recommend the above, and add to your list of exercises jump squats. Those will destroy a lesser man, especially with weight.


are pistols any good for adding some size?

Murph14, the most i have is 2 40kg db's

i also have a stationary bike here at home. would that be any good for adding some meat to my legs? i only done a 3 1/2 minute sprint on the highest resistance and my quads were really burning. i couldnt walk for ages.
some people who cycle say that its made their thighs bigger, is this just a pump or can cycling under heavy resistance actually promote growth?
should i ride the bike first to pre-fatigue my legs? is that a good or bad idea?



If cycle sprinters' legs are any indication, I'd say go for it. Remember that they don't just push down with their quads, they also forcefully follow through with their hams. Look up cycle sprint technique to get some more info on how to get the most out of it.

A pump happens for a reason. The muscle is working hard and needs a lot of blood flow. Not saying that seeking a pump is always a good thing, but it can be a clue that you're doing what you're supposed to be doing.


Lots of good suggestions. You said lunges, I thought Matt Kroc.

Fast forward to 21 seconds. I'm not sure how easy it would be to get a log, but it might be worth it.


I guess my point was to think a little out of the box in regards to "weight". Doesn't have to be connected to a barbell.