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Getting Bigger + Front Lever - Take 1



BtM w5d2pt2

Giant set 1
Barbell row- 2x5 @ 105 lbs
Bench- 2x5 @ 105 lbs
Cushioned oblique crunches off bench- 5/side

Giant set 2
Depth broad jumps- sets of 2 @ bw
Deadlifts- 3x5 @ 215 lbs
Weighted situps- sets of 8 @ 15 lbs (moved to above head)

Giant set 3- 4 rounds
10 o’clock and 2 o’clock lunges- sets of 12 @ bw
DB curls- sets of 12 @ 15 lbs each, focus on contraction
Sumo deadlift- 4x2 @ 215 lbs, sumo squats- 2x25@ bw+50 lbs

Tested dad’s clean 5RMs (Thinking of starting him on 5/3/1) Press, ~45 (probably just do volume) Bench ~85, Zercher squat (bad mobility) 105 lbs, Conv. Deadlift 135+ (again- bad mobility but better here. upper back is rounded, can’t really tell with lower back. probably should start him with RDLs, but garage gym setup. maybe elevated deadlifts)
@flipcollar @khangles @Markko any things you do/would suggest for general mobility for a 50 year old guy?

Pretty sick leg pump, abs trashed too


I know you said general mobility, but what stands out as particularly needing attention?

I mean, band pull aparts will probably help his shoulders, so would kettlebell or plate halos. Sitting in a bodyweight squat at parallel would probably help his hips, and working on being able to touch his toes with straight legs would probably help his hamstrings and lower back.

Working a PVC pipe and lacrosse ball into tight areas would also probably help.


Unless his goal is to be the most mobile 50yo ever than probably just stick to fixing what issues we can see and maybe just throwing in the common stuff also such as the dreaded ATP or scapula movement dysfunction.

Simply practicing good form on the basic lifts will go a long way in improving mobility. It’s almost like each time you assume the positions it’s a stretch/mobilization. There can be issues if you up the load prematurely but within reason you can get both strength/muscle gains and mobility gains in one. The front squat is a good one for these purposes.

From what you’ve described there might be some thoracic spine issues or perhaps mobility isn’t the issue but it’s more technical/positioning/postural control related.

Good luck


He can go below parallel on zercher squats.

He literally can’t hold the bar to back squat, he can only go to ~forehead level on scapular wall slides. He also can’t front squat
He can sort of get into position for deadlifts.

So probably shoulders/t spine/lats+tris/hamstrings & lower back (?)


That’s beyond my ken I’m afraid. I’d suggest finding a good ART/Graston guy and seeing what they can do. In the meantime check out John Rusin’s articles on here. He’s pretty up there with fixing mobility shit.


BtM w5d3pt1
Hamstring curls- 3x8 @ 25 lbs (lift dorsiflexed, lower plantarflexed) with various intensity techniques (iso holds, 15 partials+slow negative) they got surprisingly pumped

GS 1
Depth vertical jump- sets of 2
Squats- 135x14 (I rest paused this 2 or 3 times), 105x20 (same here)
Hanging knee raises- sets of 8

Weighted chins 5x5 @ bw+20 lbs
Laterals- sets of 9/8 with 3 sec negatives
OHP- 3x5 @ 55 lbs

He can’t really do plate halos on acount of his left shoulder
Various DB work- pressed the 15 lb db for 3x8-10 (his left one is the jacked up one) and the 20 lb one with his right
Worked up on zercher squats to 85x10, jumps inbetween


Conditioning- 4/19/18
[Deadlifts- sets of 10 @ 125, dips/pushups- sets of 10, run up to 3rd floor and back to deadlifts]
[Cleans- sets of 5 @ 65, dips/pushups- sets of 10, run up to 3rd floor and back to cleans]
[One arm farmers walk w kettlebell- Some distance x2 @ 58 lbs, weighted stairs x2 @ bw + 25 lb plate)


I ate ~1180 calories in 10 minutes all consisting of doughnuts after this


Conditioning pt 2
Tackle football- ~1.5 hours
I’m getting better at this. Catching is still meh, but I’m fast and actually hold onto the ball now when I get tackled

*Edit- quads cramping just a bit from this. First time (I think) that that’s happened- kinda cool


This alone will get you playing time.



Front squat- top set rp 115x10
In between- pullovers x 10 @ 20 lbs, cleans x 5 @ 65 lbs

Clean & press (various types) some sets x 3 @ 75 lbs
Snatches- work up to 75 lbs for doubles

10-9-8-7-6 deadlifts @ 115 lbs
In between- run (read walk) one flight of stairs

*Edit- right forearm started twitching after this


No real plans to play in high school- but good to know nonetheless


Started doing daily BPUs/face pulls with a band. #upper back gains (hopefully)

Slightly related sidenote- my chest is probably my weakest bodypart


Conditioning 4/26/18

Bench- various sets up to 95x4
In between- kb squat, movement of choice (curls, snatch, clean and press)

Dips- sets of 3-5
Barbell row- sets of 10

Pretty nice tricep pump. Even had a bit of a lat pump


Chest specialization
Activation- sevend press
5 sets of pushups, 8-15 /set (‘twist’ pushups, psuedoplanche pushups, guillotine pushups, incline guillotine)
In between- flex, hard stretch on pecs


Chest specialization
Same, except more sets (~12), more reps, more incline vairations
Sets of 3-5 pullups inbetween


Snapped the band that I use for BPUs. Luckily just a small piece
Also- band straight arm pulldowns provide a killer contraction. So did dips on a railing (for chest)
I need real bands


fasted for 22 to 24 hours (that range because I did it on a whim and didn’t know when I stopped eating yesterday)
Never really felt hungry- just the urge to eat out of habit (I think…)


Btm w5 d3 pt2

10 rounds of
5 OHP @ 55 lbs. Felt heavier than expected, probably because I haven’t pressed in a while
5 Wide grip upright row w body english @ 55 lbs
5 Ring pullups
5+4/side iso dynamic laterals @ 5 lbs

Forearms got pumped really quick and fucked up my grip


Btm w6d1 pt1 (final stretch)

Depth jumps- sets of 1 or 2
Skwats- top set 5x5 @ 145. Had to rest pause these. Back was also getting pumped/tight after this- probably should video a set soon. ‘Hips through’ made this smoother
Pullups- sets of 5 inbetween
Band crunches- sets of 8

Some backwards stepups. Quickly pumped up my quads
Popped my abductor dicking around with incline one arm pushups

Legs dead, mostly quads
Edit- although quads were dead, glute/ham area is the most sore, abs were sore this morning from band crunches