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Getting Bigger 356 Days a Year


So I am starting PCT here in a week or so. And not very happy, although realize the need of some time off, and I will. My growth will be stunned for a couple months. I got great results on a cyc of test cyp.

Now what if for the next cyc I ran test cyp for 12 weeks, and at the same time ran HGH. I know it takes around three months for HGH to kick in, which would be perfect in time for the end of my test cycle.

Have you ever tried this out, and did it help in preventing any loss of muscle mass?


what are you doing the other 9 days? Well, 10 in a leap year...


I started PCT today from my first Test cycle, and im pinning IGF-DES @ 200mcg ED & IGF-LR3 @ 50mcg ED


LOL hahaha!

Ruling out the possibilty of a typing error, some people are fucking amazingly dumb.