Getting Big

I am 6ft 1 and about 180 pounds. currently I can bench 250 squat 315 and deadlift 405. I am trying to get bigger and stronger. I would appreciate it if you guys could help. Thank!

Weds: squat 175x15,15,8
Good Mornings: 155x15, 175x15, 185x15
Calf press on leg press: 90(on each side of the machine)x15 110x15
DB curls 25lb 3x15
BBcurls 60lbs 3x15

Thurs:DB OH press: 35x15,15 30x15
side raises: 15x15 10x15,15
front raises palms facing each other: 10x15, 15 15x15
Dips: hanging 30 pounds 15, 13
ez bar tri extension: 10(on both sides) x 15,15 15x13
fri and saterday where rest and today I will be doing deadlift along with back bis and traps

sun: deadlift: 295x12, 315x11, 295x9
BBrows: 90x15, 15, 100x15,15
db shrugs:100 4x15
ez bar curls: 20 on both sides 3x 15

tues: bench 155x12, 165x12, 170x10
cg bench: 105x15, 15,12
incl db becnh: 40x15,15,13
1 arm OH press: 20x15,15,15
tri pushdowns: 95x20 15, 80x15, 16

squat: 195x12, 12, 200x12
good mornings: 135x12,155x12,12,
curls 35x12, 35x12, 35x12
calf press 115x12, 110x12, 12
decline situp: 45 x 20, 50x15, 45x20

OH DB press: 40x12, 12,12, 35x10
front raises: 20x12,12,12
side raises: 15x12,12,12
skull crushers(ez bar): 20x12,12,12,12
followed by a 1 mile run at a quick pace

today: deadlift 315x10, 335x10, 8
BB rows: 125x12,12 135x12,12(needed some leg drive on last few)
DB shurgs 105x12,12,12,12
ez bar curls 25x12,12 22.5x10

bench: 185x9, 180x10,10
CG bench: 120x12, 125x12,9
incl db bench: 50x10, 45x10,9
1 arm OH press: 25x12, 30x12,12
tri pushdowns 95x15, 110x15,14, 95x15

Those are nice deadlift numbers. Why are you doing such high reps though? Most people keep deadlift below 5 reps per set, as you’re more likely to lose form and hurt yourself on high reps. You also will make better strength gains in a lower rep range.

well personally i hate doing hypertrophy excercises as you can tell by how small i am hahah 6ft 1 at 180 lbs. also we always did heavy compound 1-5 reps when i was in HS since i wrestled, boxed, and did MMA(which i had to make weight for which is another reason why i am tiny) anyway as i got to college and began to lift more indepth i trained my entire time purely doing low rep excercises. i now decided i need to mix it up so i am doing an entirley hypertrophy phase for 5 weeks that i found from this article Iron Evolution – Phase 1 once i finish this phase i wil move into the strength then power then peak phase.