Getting big

I have about two weeks till i leave to go on a school trip and i want to gain some size and just look bigger. Does any one have any ideas, im thinking that when i get out of school for christmas im going to try poliquins idea of working out the same body part twice a day were i go heavy low reps in the am and lighter high reps in the pm. I was proble going to do 1-6 method in the a m and im not real sure in the p m. My diet is pretty clean with about 6 meals with alot of good protein and low GI carbs and main fat is olive oil and i take like 10 gr of fish oils. my suppliments are good whey protein with a high GI drink with creatine after traning, i take 5gr glutimine before training and 20 aminos during traing. Any Ideas would be great or if you see some thing i need to change. thanks

There arent any quick fixes. If you could blow up in two weeks everbody would do it. You obviously need to do a lot of reading on this website. And think about dumbass questions like this before you ask them.

I don’t know about “dumbass question,” but you really should search the site dude. The previous issues of this mag have plenty of routines. I don’t know how much you’ll blow up in two weeks, but with proper nutrition, supplements, and training… you can probably put on a few pounds.

Thanks ryno,

MAG-10 for two weeks on a double dose schedule along with twice-a-day training and plenty of food. You will gain weight and be pumped to the gills! If that’s not a quick fix, I don’t know what is.

Are you serious. Ken is still in school.

Do you have low body fat? If so I’d go along with Nate Dogg’s advice. The summer before my 2nd freshman year I blew up in just a couple weeks. Looked quite a bit more muscular. My weight trainning coach said it was because of low body fat and young age. You might be surprised how much a difference 2 wks would make. Don’t Forget-I’t Won’t Be Easy-Train Hard.