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Getting Big without Free Weights?

I am currently in a bit of a catch-22. The only gym in my area is one that seriously lacks free weights. The dumb bells go up to 40’s. Everything else is cybex and hammer strength machines. There are no EZ bars for curls, nor are there stable benches for heaving pressing. I haven’t been much of a fan of free weights for bodybuilding purposes anyway, but just when I started getting into free weights (despite shoulder pain/soreness), I was forced to move out (broke up with fiance). Now I’m at this gym that doesn’t have dumbbells that are heavy enough for hypertrophy. Any recommendations? My last Workout looked like this, it is a poliquin template with supersets between the A’s, then supersets between the B’s with ninety seconds rest in between sets:


A1: Hammer strength press 250x12, 275x8, 315 x 6 (not including neglible amount of weight from machine itself)

A2: Cable Curl 90x15, 80 x 15, 110 x6

B1: Cable Crossover 100 x15, 110 x10, 120 x6

B2: Seated Cybex machine Row 130x15, 150x 12, 200x6

C1: Clap Push up 1 x 15 (no rest)
C2: Cybex Machine press 1 set of 150 x15 (no rest)
C3 Dumbell incline fly 1 set of 35’s x15 (no rest)

D1 Lat pulldown 150 x12
D2 Kroc row 40x20
D3 Seated cable row 130 x15

I haven’t noticed much strength or size gains any tips would be great thanks.

if thats you in your picture i feel like you wouldnt need this advice, nor have only one post.

[quote]supersizebulk wrote:
I haven’t been much of a fan of free weights for bodybuilding purposes anyway.[/quote]

I am also a little confused how if you weren’t a fan of free weights before, why it would cause such a problem now.

I seriously hope this isn’t some poor attempt at creating a free weight vs. machine troll thread.


Your muscles have no awareness of the source of resistance. Hammer Strength machines are awesome.

what is the point of this thread? you stated that this is the only gym you have access to

is it better than free weights ? no.
is it better than nothing if you have no choise? yes.

i find it hard to believe that in the modern times of fast/cheap transportation you cant find a gym with real weights. i know its Canada but still…:slight_smile:

[quote]Achilles of war wrote:

Its been proven. It doesn’t matter if its free weights or machines. All muscles know is tension. As long as you use enough weight and really work the muscle, then machines can work just as well as free weights.

Unless you live in a forest somewhere in Ontario, there`s no way the only close gym you have access to is the one you just described. Plenty of Goodlifes and Extreme Fitness all over the place.

If cost is an issue, search around the area or be willing to travel further.


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[quote]Achilles of war wrote:
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