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Getting Big: What Works


I want to post this thread because I am about to make a collection on the most simple, foolproof, basic methods there can be to add on muscle and strength and also to see what crazy or dumb shit that works exists out there, the typical fluke factor that lets the guy who curls for biceps 7 days a week with 20-rep set get bigger guns and better strength than "Johnny Steroids" who read T-Nation and who knows what tempo is along with rep ranges and stuff.

What's the simples way to turn someone from scrawny to brawny? What's the dumbest or craziest method you've seen work to get someone big, name the three you can remember and which are easiest to apply at a gym or at fixed bars.


squats and milk


Read the book scrawny to brawny by dr. Berardi and m. mejia?

McDonalds 24/7

Most of the responses you will see will be eat and lift heavy.


Biggest thing I've seen is guys killing themselves in the gym. 15 sets a bodypart, high reps, and cheating like hell every rep- then putting on more weight next time. Lots of redundant stuff just to get a burn; do squats for a few sets, then do leg presses, then hack squats, THEN lunges, etc.

Other than that, lots of fast food and blender bombs with every meal.


simplist is obviously squats and milk, the basic premise being lift heavy compound, eats lots of good clean food and rest,
stupidist. well mcdonalds and benching with the leg press


Gotta eat enough, and lift heavy enough weight. That's about as simple as it gets. Add a couple years of that and the size will come.


snatch grip deads.


There is only one way......... curls in the squat rack!

Seriously like the others have said lift big weight and eat enough nutritious food to aid muscular repair and growth.



Incline Press 315x12
Barbell Row 315x12
Back Squat 455x15
Dead lift 455x15
Seated Overhead Press 275x12
Stiff Leg Dead 365x12

Eat, 6-8 big protein meals everyday, for 5 years.

Anybody who can/does this is going to be very large no matter how they got there.

Craziest thing I can remember that got someone huge? Everything Paul Dillet did.


food,taxing compound lifts,time


I hear weight training is effective


squats and milk and cookies


That is a 100% proven fact that works for anyone. I have yet to see anyone get smaller, or weaker from doing compound lifts and eating..


1) Food.
2) Training. 2-4x week. 5-12 reps mainly. <50reps occasionally. 40min-60min sessions. 50-180secs rest.
3)Rest. Train 2 days in a row max. then rest for at least 1.

This is just for hypertrophy.


Was it Waterbury who wrote that?


Yeah, or you could replace the cookies with something with some actual nutritional value.


What works? Find some big bodybuilders and either ask them questions or train with them if you can.

The dumbest thing I've seen is smaller newbies negatively critiquing someone 60lbs of muscle heavier than them.


This is not meant to be sarcastic what so ever...

Lift heavy shit off of the floor.


Bump! This is how I learned. I started hanging out with some guys who were really big when I was 19. Before that I had no idea of what I was doing in the gym. I remember looking at their arms and thinking wow how do I get arms like that? They took me along to the gym with them and showed me how to do it. They also stressed the importance of food. Still good freinds with them to this day. I love giving advice and helping people out when they ask me at the gym or on here. Too bad not everyone is as friendly.

For the record I have got some great advice from people much smaller than me but for the most part there's been many times I get some newb spewing out Waterbury crap to me like its the word of God. They read some book and all of a sudden they think they're Charles Glass.