Getting big Monday...

Well after cutting for a while I’ve decided I’m going to start to bulk. I’m 6’4 and 188lbs as of right now. I’m slowly increasing calories/carbs this week (was on T-Dog 2.0) and Monday I’ll be hitting it hard w/ OVT.

I also ordered some Prolab Creatine, Mag-10 and Tribex. I can’t wait to put some muscle on this frame. I felt dirty being so skinny.

prays all supps agree with my system

Watch out for that Crea Teen, I hear it’s legal steroids!!!1111

better watch that creatine, i hear it will make your kidneys explode,and give you gyno haha

Good deal infinity.

You should be able to add on good mass pretty well with that height, especially since you used to be heavier.

Yes, I hope so. I’ve heard some pretty good results from Mag-10/creatine, so I hope I can put on alot of muscle in the first month. Must…get…bigger…

There’s no reason to use the tribex and Mag-10 at the same time. Not sure if that’s your plan or not, but it’s better to take the tribex between prohormone cycles.

Correct. I plan on using Tribex after the Mag-10 to keep T up. I belive that’s how it works.

Well my box of joy arrived today. Getting pumped to start on Monday. I plan on loading Creatine (It says 4 scoops per day for 5 days, then 2 scoops per day there after for maintenence). Also going to be doing 2 weeks of Mag-10, then Tribex on my 2 off weeks, then back on Mag-10. Sound good?

sounds great!
eat heaps my friend, and then eat some more , you tall bastrds gotta pack down some serious cals to get hyyooooge