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Getting Big, Maybe.

Is the Push/Pull/Legs workout a good workout for putting on some size? I have been only lifting for a year or so and have seen some gains, but still looking to get a lot bigger.

I prefer the Chew/Swallow/Burp plan myself for size gains. Combined with good hypertrophy range, compound, free weight training, it can’t be beat.

Do ya think Chris is trying to say getting big has a lot to do with your diet? Hmmmm…
I wonder if some of the people who post on the forum even bother reading the mag. If not, the poster would have missed Chris’s “Diet Manifesto” article. Seems like common sense but often times we neglect the obvious in search of the “new and improved” training method.

Raven, did I say that I do this workout without eating properly? NO! I just wanted some advice on a decent workout to put on some size. By the way I eat a clean diet with several MRPs a day.

This workout is great…if you’re juicing. Otherwise, go with a different split. My reason? Recovery. Unless you do that workout, then take one or two days off, you’ll end up overtrained. It’s hard to muster enough energy and intensity to work chest, shoulders, tri’s together etc. properly.