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Getting Big for the Spring


Hey guys, I'm 16 currently 153lbs and 5'10''. I play lacrosse and am trying to reach the ideal lacrosse frame of 6'1'' and 200lbs. I do various pushups and situps erratically but am willing to hit the gym. I don't want to take anything other than protein powder. Please help thanks.


So what are you wanting help with?


If your 16 and 153lbs then the best thing for you to do is EAT! EAT, eat, and than eat some more. Stick to the basics with supplements like, multi vitamins, vitamin C, and extra whey protein. Lift free wight compound movements, and avoid the easier machines. Common early mistakes: Don't train little things like forearms and neck, quite yet. They will grow just fine as supporting muscle groups for now. Using the Smith Machine, or other restricting machines to boost your ego vs free weights for maximum results. At 16 you can over train easily with too much intensity, keep your volume and frequency up and strengthen your joints and neurological connection. Useing to heavy of a weight to fast is a no-no. Use warm-up sets! After a couple years of basic movements, you can start sepicalization routines for weight lifting or Lacrosse techniques. Bottom line, eat big and lift compound free weights.


I once dreamed of being over 6 feet tall. Then cruel reality set in, and I realized that would never happen.


eat and lift weights. read the articles on the website to find a workout. its not too hard.