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Getting Big For Football?


recently my football coach told me that in order to play center i needed to get from my small 175 lbs to a bigger 205. do yall have any tips to help me attain my goal? i would like to do this by the end of the summer.


milk and squats.


look up westside for skinny bastards by joe defranco... and eat alot


check out WS4SB, eat as much as you can, and make sure youre doing plenty of speed work to keep your food speed up.



Squats and milk, get it right, squats b4 milk it sounds cooler. :stuck_out_tongue:


Im sorry, forgot the order.


Either here or on EFS, somebody (a coach?) wrote about what it took for him to bulk and train his way from high school kid up to college football player.

Anybody know who it was or have a link to it?



i think this is what you were talking about 4est


Bill, thank you so much... that is MANDATORY reading for a lot of newbies. Plus, it's a great example for almost any of us.


thanks man that helped alot.


also do yall know any lifts to do on top of bench that would help get my max up?


Rack Lockouts
weighted dips
1 board press
2 board press
3 board press
Close grip bench

did you look at the article on WS4SB?



how do i do board press? yeah the article was very helpful since the author was in the same position as me.


No kidding dude that's crazy.My sophomore year I dropped to 180ish and gained to 225 by doing 20 rep squats as well as a ton of other crazy shit.Just squat all the time and eat a lot.I play center too.How tall are you?


Just to reiterate, be sure to read both parts of WS4SB.



im 6'1". where do you play?


thanks man that cleared some stuff up for me.


at E.D.White in South Louisiana