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Getting big FAST?

I’ve been lifting regularly for a couple years now, and my numbers have definitely gone up. But my mass hasn’t gone up accordingly, and the weights I move aren’t going quite as high as I want. I guess im a low-gainer. I play high-school football and next year is my last season. I need to get a lot bigger and stronger quick (2-3 months), without the use of andro, creatine, methoxy, etc. I need to work especially on my legs and arms. Anybody got some programs and diets to follow? Thanks guys.

in 2 words…Massive Eating, anyone disagree? You’ll find the guidelines in Issues 146-147, and don’t skimp on the calories, it’ll pack on some muscle.
As for training, since you’re looking for size and strength I’ll start by suggesting the big lifts; Squat, Deadlift, Bench.

I would first search this sight and read this site like crazy. There’s a ton of info here for the willing. I’d lift heavy and in a very determined way. Also, you mentioned you’d like to gain w/o creatine…this is one of the best supps you can take. Also, right after you lift (and there’s evidence before lifting too) that a carb/protein mix can have great benefit.

It will not happen. Why do you ask questions like this when you already know the answer? If I were a smartass I would tell you to stick yourself with 2 g of steroids and you will grow in 2 or 3 months. You did not achieve satisfying results in 3 years, what makes you think there is a miracle diet or program that was kept from you and that will enable you to do that in measly 2 or 3 months? Just trying to be constructive. Set the goals you can achieve. Eat. Sleep. Rest. Supplement. Research. Grow. Repeat until dead. Make others envy how big coffin you need.

Wht don’t you want to use creatine? It’s safe, inexpensive and it works.

Forced feeding & heavy weights, that’s the ‘secret’. It will work for anyone. If you’ve got any spare money, buy food with it. Eat all you can afford.

My first question would be “how have you been lifting” - you have noted you need to be size on in your legs and arms. Does that mean Squats, Pulls( including Deadlift, Clean, Power Clean, Snatch, Power-Snatch) and Overhead movements have not been the emphasis of your program? If not that could help explain your situation . Secondly, review your diet - most young athletes (if not the overwhelming) majority in this country don’t really understand the simple concept of using food as your fuel source. In faith, Coach Davies

I hate it when people like this start threads and then never respond to the follow up questions… Come on Ben.

Lots of stimulation + lots of rest + lots of food = lots of size and strength.

Either that or you could go on the magic routine and the magic pill. I hear those work too, but they are secrets. BTW, big arms don’t mean shit in football. Why 2-3 months? Won’t that put you just into May? Seems you have about 6 or so.