Getting Better at Sport?

Man, i read, and i read i and i read, but I am a guy with 1,73cm and 75kg, bf around 7%,i don´t know if i am a fucking skinny or what, but i am not improving in my sport, judo, i don´t know if i am overtraining or undereating, i am already try everything, high reps, long training sessions, low reps, training everyday, 7 days a week, 10times a week, up to 3 times a week. Someone have any kind of adivice, or could give me a light, i don´t wanna just improve a little i wanna be the best,

How old are you and how long have you been doing judo?

Stop trying everything and stick with a simple template that is easy to follow and respect your recovery ability. Also make sure you eat/sleep enough, judo and weight training takes a lot on the body and mind.

what is your weakness in your sport? did you decide that was your weakness yourself, or someone tell you?

Find the best combination of teacher…and training partners.

If you wanna get better at judo, practice judo.

Being bigger will help, but isn’t necessary.

Start by learning the sport from a good teacher.

As for lifting, focus on compounds and power training. All the judoists at my school focus on these.

Clean and Jerk

but judo is like any sport, and if you heard a baseball player on here wondering why he isn’t getting better from his workout plan, you’d probably recomend he get out and play some ball.