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Getting Barbell on Back for Squats


how can i get the barbell on my back easy when doing squats i dont have a rack when i lift the weight to put on my back it kills my shoulders.


Get a rack.

No way you're gonna squat heavy if you have to clean and press the same weight.


Exactly what bob said, or you have to join a gym.


Or you make one out of 4x4s. Make sure it's sturdy tho.


If you mean the weight of the bar hurts your upper back and shoulders as you hold it during the squats, try wearing a thicker sweater at first for some extra padding, although this is not recommended since the bar may tend to slip down your back. After more experience you will get used to holding the weights.


Try that, maybe better maybe worse than the wooden plan.


or build a thicker upper back.


I made myself some wooden ones, 6x3 wood, cut it to the right height for me, made some cross pieces which screwed to triangle boards of wood then bolted and screwed the supports to the main pieces, (though i'm getting some proper racks soon).

Anyway, i've had 210 lb on them so far and they are very sturdy. Also to buy the wood i used would only cost 10-15£, like someone said though, make sure they are solid, don't want any accidents with big weights.

Final thing, i bolted a piece of wood to the top of each upright of the racks, smoothed the edges, and use them for dipping, they work great. (each upright is separate so they can be moved closer or further apart depending whether i'm dipping or squatting).
Hope this helps some.