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Getting Banned from a Gym, Need Help


I'm really sorry to bother you guys but I've hit a brick wall at the gym that I'm at. Currently they are in the process of banning me due to the fact that I've used chalk (liquid chalk) and had a colored beverage in the weight room (water and BCAAs)

I'm currently a graduate student at the University of California Riverside and the rules in the gym have been changing to create a more female friendly atmosphere. Because of this, all the heavy lifts are being discouraged and retarded rules are being put in place (no chalk)

Now I'm not looking for the advice (grab your balls and head somewhere else) because we (the students) do not have the option to pay for the school gym or not so I can't get my money back.

What I am looking for is any advice on different types of chalk (clear?) or any type of advice that would be beneficial. I know this is very open ended but quite honestly I'm a little pissed off right now. Any advice would be great


step 1. do a lift at the gym without chalk

step 2. drop weight on foot due to sweaty hands

step 3. sue and get rich

Seriously, tell them chalk is a safety issue.

The colored beverage thing is retarded. put it in an opaque container.


1) Go to gym

2) Don't use chalk

3) ???



HAH! that is actually what I was thinking of when I posted.


Colored beverage? wut?


they banned you for using liquid chalk?? are you serious??

all you can do is voice your opinion and leave.

most gyms cater to the people who dont use it. they dont want people who actually work out. they want the people who will come in, be very impressed with all the useless gadgets, swear to themselves that this is the year they are going to get in shape, and never come back. free money for the gym and no wear and tear on the equipment. can't blame them.

your only option is simply not to patronize the gym. make it very clear why before you leave.


So if I get this straight you HAVE to pay for the gym at your school? Is it part of the tuition or a separate fee? If it's a separate fee I would file a grievance with the university especially if they're trying to ban you for chalk and a colored beverage. If they ban you definitely file a grievance and demand that portion of your money be refunded.

If you can get around being banned then as stated above don't use chalk and as stated above...

  1. train
  2. don't use chalk
  3. ???
  4. Profit.

if anything use straps until you can afford a gym that allows chalk. your grip strength will take a hit but until you've got the money your grip will suck.


^^For most universities (I assume, this is true at the very least at mine) you pay for a lot of things (shows, arts things, etc..) in your tuition which gives you free/cheap access to it. So in his case, and most university students' cases, we already pay for the gym in our tuition.

Of course, they also stack on things like "money for athletic scholarships" (my ass) but I digress.


Stickum Spray? Just use it in a bathroom stall and don't show off your palms when you're back in the weightroom.


If they are trying to ban you, there's probably nothing you can do other than stop going or do things their way. This happened to me too. Kicked out for chalk and for doing the olympic lifts (haha, the gym staff called them power lifts, dumbasses). No way around it and the school wouldn't give me any refund or exempt me from the fee in future semesters. Check and see if your school has a separate facility for the athletes to train in, and if so, speak to the head strength coach directly (no calls, go to his office) and tell him what's up. He may be able to hook you up. Maybe not but it's worth a try. It worked for me and eventually even got me a kick ass job...

i would talk to the director of the center maybe get an appointment to talk to him or something and argue your opinion. Or email the dean of the school. You can always say you'll be sure to clean it up and stuff like that when you meet with the person. I know some kids on the club rugby team emailed the president of the school that the student weight room did not have a power rack that they needed for their lifts and the guy emailed the athletic director and stuff.

Another option is to work at the center. I feel like they probably would have not allowed me to cover the bar in chalk when I worked out, but i think people looked the other way as I worked their part time.

Either way, I'm sure it is frustrating.


This is offtopic, but tangentially related and I wanted to bitch without starting a new thread.

So I was deadlifting and using a camera to record it just today (both against the "rules"), so I think someone saw me so then after I put my chalk ball and camera away, the two gym supervisors walked in and looked around the nook where I leave my stuff and found NOTHING. HA BITCHES! YOU GET NOTHING!

Sorry, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Back to your regularly programmed stuff.

Yeah, university gym rules are pretty retarded.

EDITE: I guess my story (bitching) does have a moral.. it might help if you're discrete and don't make a show about it.


^why the hell is a camera off limits? where do you go to college?


Please. Chuck their fluffy pink DBs at the staff members' heads.


Ok How far along in that process are you? Have you been formally told something or are you just on some kind of perceived "shit list"?

Yeah it sucks but their gym..their rules. You have to decide if you can play along or take your proverbial ball elsewhere.

What do you mean "we (the students) do not have the option to pay for the school gym or not so I can't get my money back" is the gym cost figured into your tuition or something? Sorry man but I have to kind of call bullshit on this whole "I'm just a poor college kid" thing. You guys got money for beer and weed so pony up $20 a month for a decent gym membership to somewhere that isn't run by fags. I know your not looking for this advice but this is the internet...lol

maybe this http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/xf/chalk.html
or this http://www.liftinglarge.com/dryhands.aspx


UCSB. The only reason I could divine would be that they don't want people being voyeurs/perverts taking pictures/videos for fap material later on.


interesting. at my old university a buddy of mine competed in bodybuilding, and he and his training partners would do posing practice in the gym, complete with cameras.


No one with an explanation of why colored beverages are not allowed?


coloured drink = steroids


Or worse yet, the creatinez!

Lucky bastard lol.