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Getting Bacteriostatic Water

It’s funny, but here in Florida there’s such an abundance of people using steroids and growth hormone. They’re able to get i.m. pins and syringes all day, but bacteriostatic water and slin pins are hard to come by. Can’t I just walk into a pharmacy and buy bac stat water? It’s not a scheduled substance. I thought insulin needles are handed out to i.v. drug users to prevent the spread of h.i.v.? Why is it that all the knuckleheads I know who sell gear can’t get these two simple items?
Can’t I just use sterile water and do my peptides with a I.M. needle and syringe? I don’t plan to store the mixed peptide for longer than 2 weeks in a refrigerator, so I don’t see the need for the bacteriostaic water, unless the inside of the vial already has microbes in it, in which case the bac stat water would be a good idea.

You want bacteriostatic water. You can do without it, but it’s not a great idea, same as using alcohol prep pads. There is no guarantee that the material in the vial is sterile.

You can buy all of that stuff on amazon, and it’s stupid cheap. That’s WAY better than 3 IM injections a day.

If you dose peptides with a big syringe, you will lose a ton in the needle and headspace, and you will get the dose wrong. I am currently using GHRP+GHRH 3x/day, and I use 0.06mL of liquid per dose. There’s no possible way to get that right with a 3cc syringe, or even a 1cc syringe. You need 0.5cc slin pins for peptides so that you can use as little water as possible and still get the dose you want.

You can, of course, reconstitute with more water, but it degrades the peptides faster and the vials are generally pretty small - 5mL or less. Just get the bac water, the slin pins, and google ‘peptide calculator’ to double check that you get the reconstitution right.

Thank you. I’ll be patient and do it the right way. By the way, nice hooters. Not gyno, but the avatar.