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getting back

is it true that when you lay off tranning for about three months and you start back it is like starting all over from square zero.



No. The standard answer to that is that there is something supposedly called “muscle memory” (don’t know how scientific that term is) that allows you to come back faster than a raw beginner. I suspect that how long you’ve been training, and how long your layoff was, will be factors in how fast you get back up to speed. It will still be hard, especially the first few weeks. But your progress is much faster than a beginners’. Unless you’re sorta a beginner yourself.

no, but its damn close (to me 4 freakin weeks and it was like losing a 1/2 to a year), prepare to be humbled

If your training age is 3 months, then yes.

the first thing that goes is strength. iF you eat a proper diet, you will keep most of the shape but even that starts to deteriorate when muscle is not used. laters pk

ive been laid off for around 5months…hooked on pain pills to boot…definately shot my strngth and weight all to hell…started back and could barely bp 230…been workin out steady for 5 weeks now…maxed monday and pressed 300…so yes…you do lose strength and you do start all over…but not from the main beginning…and it comes back extremely fast as long as you train/eat smart

 Isnt that what u did? How'd it feel when u went back to the gym? (u did get back already didnt u?). of course it's like starting all over again. sheesh. Not only that, any muscle u previously gained, has washed off ur body by now. what r u thinking?

lol, it might be worse than starting over again, because all of his muscle probably turned into fat haha

From what I’ve read and witnessed with myself and friends, how long it takes you to detrain (ie. go back to square zero) is a function of how active you are when you are not training AND how long it took you to get into a trained state. For example, a sprinter who took 5 years getting up to running a 10.2 100 meters and squatting 400 pounds for 3 reps would not be back at ground zero after three months.
Additionally, it seems that once you’ve detrained x amount (your deadlift went down 100 pounds) it takes less time to increase to its old maximum once you resume training, than it did to origionally reach the maximum.