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Getting Back to Training

Getting Back to Trainingl advice on getting back into training. Its about been a little over a year since I picked up a weight. I’m currently 20 and by no means “strong,” when I stopped my best lifts were, BP:240, SQ:350, DL:405 at a fat 220.
Now I havent lifted in a year and am an even fatter 240.
Ive always wanted to lose weight but I feel now its my priority. I’d like to get down to 190 before I start to do any kinda of mass gaining, etc. Only issue is I’m in school full time getting read to apply to grad school. So I’d like to keep my training to twice a week with 1-2 random cardio days.

What do you all suggest diet and training wise, looking for some basic training regimen to get me around where I was but not over doing it while on a diet.

Thanks guys!

Working off of 2 days a week is fairly restrictive. I’d go with 5/3/1, if you wanted to keep it simple and effective, especially since it has a 2 days a week template.

If you havent worked out in a year, you are starting at zero.

Also, it’s part of your life, it does not take away from it. 2 days? You are not the first person to go to school full time. Add being a single parent and also working full time and you can still find time for 3-4 days a week of working out.

Get on a program and stop making excuses.

5/3/1 four days a week and it will only cost you about 75 minutes per day.
Grad school huh? 168 hours in a week, 56 hours sleeeping leaving 112 hours.
ave american watches 35 hours of TV a week. You cannot find 6 HOURS to dedicate
to your body ? ? ? Get Wendler, get strong and give up the bullshit excuses !