Getting Back to 100%

Hey guys. Recently hit my goal of a fairly lean (four pack) 230 (coming from 180) and was making great progress. Unfortunately I have been in the hospital for two days from puking and shitting my brains out for five days. Had a strain of e coli which was pretty violent. Despite being pumped with IV fluid I have lost about 23 pounds :frowning: and I am sure my strength is shot.

My question to you all, is how do I come back as quickly as possibly in terns of weight, strength, appetite, etc? Any tips, stories, suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I wouldn’t push things too hard too fast, but I’m sure your body will want to put itself back together, so to speak. Usually lost ‘size’ is just a reflection of fluids and muscle glycogen. I’d wager that within 2 weeks you won’t even look as if you’d had any setbacks.


last summer i had a bad stomach virus . i couldnt evan stand up i felt like a 90 year old . just eat rest n get well and like stu said dont push it. if i remember right it took me about a month to get back to where i was