Getting Back On Track

  It started as a job my cousin told me about, landscaping. "just throwing straw down and installing sprinkler systems" he tells me. Sounds easy right? Think again, it was the hardest yet best job I ever worked. I worked day in and day out and loved every minute. My boss was a workaholic and I didn't blame him with the bitch of a wife he had. Over the course of working there I started to look up to this man, a man who cared about his body. At first I thought he was stupid. eating often and making sure he did things safely. If for only doing things safely he was right, I have two ruptured deltoids and a torn rotator cuff to prove it..Ge was a lifter, and when I started I had know idea what that meant. slowly I learned, and I started to become one myself. I bought my own weight set and started lifting every day. At 5'7" I got up to 180 quickly with the work load I was taking on and lifting at night. it started to become and obsession, working, lifting.

To whom it may concern. used often, but sometimes it is used well… I got into lifting so easily and fell out of it so fast. I quit my job landscaping and came home to my parents to help, and not to long after my father was hit by a drunk driver. Ironically I became and alcoholic because of it. So here I sit beer in front of me. A picture of Lee Priest on my left and a picture of Franco on my right, with an idea in my head. I wrote Chad and shortly after I wrote Chris. Though this was a few months back, I still think it’s worth sharing to my fellow T-Nation readers. For anyone interested, I’m throwing down my bottle and lifting again, with pictures and progress reports daily.

More to come T Nation readers and hope all of you can help me get back on my legs.