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Getting Back On Track


I have worked out for the last 4 years, I played Football, Wrestling and Track in High School. Im Currently a Freshman in College. Im member of the Rugby team. I havent work out seriously during the last couple of months, I took the summer off and then I thought I had good enough workouts with my my rugby practices.

I want to know if you guys could recommend a program that would better help accomplish my goals. Which are increase size and strenght primarily, I also plan to work on my speed.

Some stats, will be helpful i guess..
5'10" 190 lbs
Bench 225 1RM ( has gone down a lot)
Squat 275 3RM ( I havent bother to find the 1RM)

Right now Im thinking about either starting ABBH 1 or OVT.

Which one would you guys recommend?

Thanks in advance



I don't think you could go wrong with either of those programs. Another one might be Westside For Skinny Bastards by Joe DeFranco it sounds almost tailor made for you. You can find it here on T-Nation.


I actually stumbled across his program yesterday. Theres also a ton of more info in his website. I have decided to start with this program monday. Im going to use his program.


Max effort upper-body
Max Effort lower-body
Wednesday off
Rep-day upper-body(Will switch to dynamic effort after 4 weeks)
Friday off
Olimpic lifts and sand bag work.

I will go more in depth into the workouts later, as well as posting some progress pictures in a couple of weeks.

Has anybody tried a similar split, any suggestions??

Thanks in advance