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getting back on track

I know that I am not alone in this experience, so I decided to post this, and am seeking the great advice and assistance I always get from those on this site. Recently I went on vacation, and although I for the most part stuck to my program (training/nutrition) I did deviate a bit, cause hell I was on vacation. That is not where the problem lies though, the problem is that ever since I have gotten back from my vacation, I have had a very tough time getting back on my nutritional program. I have always been a very dedicated person, and my pursuit of excellence with my diet is no exception, but man lately I have found myslef wanting to eat a ton, luckily the food I am craving is my own food, and these cravings 95% of the time come at my last meal, and 95% of the time are for more fats, in the form of Cashew butter, or mixed nuts. I just wanted to know some of the strategies some of you guys use to get over this, I have a good feeling it is mostly mental, althoug there may be some physiological reasons behind it. Any advice as to how one deals with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks again

If you want to reach your goals badly enough, you manage to ignore the stuff that has the potential to sidetrack you- like beer, women and cashew butter :wink:

thanks bro, yeah the beer is a no brainer, as alcohol really has no place in my life. Women, well until I find one that is worth it, that is no problem either. Now the cashew butter, that is the problem:) no, I know that I just need to be more focused, and I need to not give in to the urge to go for seconds, although this has not hampered my physique, I know that I could have even better results by choosing not to go for more, and to remain focused, which is my goal since summer is almost upon us. thanks for the reply