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Getting Back on Track


Well , after 3 years of training, i took a forced lay-off,injuries in my right knee, both my shoulders and my spine made my training a real pain in the ass. To add insult to injury my training partner, was forced to stop training bcs of some personal problems(he will restart around january) so this left me without a stable way of going to the gym, which is pretty far, (fuck Europe and being 18 to get a driving license) and the cherry on top of the pie was the huge load of exams and work i had at school, which left me sleep-less and time-less.

Pretexts aside, I fucked up and left the gym for a month, needless to say I got fatter, and ballooned from 96 kilos and 14-16% bf to 103 kilos,, i dont exactly look fucking fat bcs of the muscle underneath but i feel uncomfortable, my arms went from an unpumped 45cm and pumped 47cm to 43cm and 45 cm. After one training session i had the past week i noticed my strength was down, but i guess that is neural too.

So help me get back on track, suggest me what should i do, keep in mind that my time is limited. (btw im 17)
Hit me up bros


use the search function. there are plenty of articles on this topic.


What in the hell does "my time is limited" mean? You're 17, man. Marathon, not a sprint.


it means having at school the most difficult courses available, in the most difficult high school in the country, add to that preparing for college, and normally some social life. Pretty much you should get an idea of my position right now..


sounds exactly like high school was for me.

you're still making excuses imo.


You'll realize later in the life that in the grand scheme of things, high school is just about the easiest thing in life. Also, like others have said, going to fucking high school does not mean your time is "limited". And saying you have a social life that limits your ability to train says more about you then I ever could. I hope that you change your way of thinking.

I suggest after you fix your mindset, you check out 5/3/1.