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Getting 'Back' on Track

Used to have a log on here before rowing season started and by the end of it i had injured my lower back. Needless to say a 7 month rowing season didn’t help it and now it’s time to track my progress as i slowly get back to where i want to be physically.

Basically i have been diagnosed with excessive flexibility, and in movement such as the deadlift, squat etc. i had over emphasised lumbar lordosis which when put under immense amounts of strain repeatedly the musculature eventually caved in and now i have been living with chronic pain in the lumbar section of my spine since around last September.

I haven’t really commited to rehab yet since rowing ended two months ago but i am sick of being in pain and have created this so i am accountable for my actions.

Main goals at the time being are just to become pain free in every day life, and once i get there work on intelligently progressing towards all of my previous goals (200kg Deadlift, 120kg Squat, 100kg Power Clean, 75kg Snatch, 60kg Pullup, 70kg Dip)

I am ADD when it comes to training so rehab is difficult in that regard but i have finally realised what its going to take to get me back on track and im going to work towards it over the next several months.

Basic plan is to strengthen my core, and all of my leg muscles especially my glutes, adductors and abductors and do a lot of Pelvic Floor and Transverse Abdominis training.



Ergo warm up focusing on scap retraction
then glute and hip flexor stretching and some basic dead bug and pelvic curl work

With all exercises i am trying to maintain a pelvic tilt to take the hyperextension out of my lower back whilst simultaneously contracting my TA and Pelvic Floor

With all back exercises i am focusing on scap retraction and a stable torso which is why i am primarily using machines

A1) Lat Pulldown - 40kg x 20, 50kg x 16, 60kg x 10,12,12
A2) Smith Machine Lunges - 10kg x 8,11,11,10
A3) Dead Bug cross arm w/ one leg extension to 45 degrees
or Pelvic Curl Hold w/ one leg raises to table top position
or Chest Lifts (small crunches avoiding spinal flexion)
or Bridge variations (45 sec front/30 sec each side)

B1) 45-60 degree Bent Rows - 25kg x 25,25, 30kg x 20,20,20
B2) Leg Press (short ROM) - 60kg x 20,30, Fitball Hamstring Curls - 10,12,12
B3) Bicep Curls - 25kg x 11,11, 30kg x 8


Dead Bug w/ Wall Push - 3 x 20
Single Leg DL (unweighted) - 5 each leg
Glute Clams - 25 each leg
Curl up w/ knee to table top position - 6 each leg
Glute, Hammy and Hip Flexor stretching - 2 x 25 seconds each side


Dead Bug w/ Wall Push - 4 x 20
Fit Ball Leg Curls - 3 x 20
Stir the Pot - 2 x 20-30
Pallof Press - 2 x 25 second holds (20kg)
Glute Clams - 25 each leg

Seated Cable Row - 40kg x 15, 50kg x 15, 55kg x 15, 50kg x 15,15
Smith Machine Split Squats - 10kg x 8,10,12,10

Haven’t written training down for a long time but gonna give it a shot again

Been doing a lot of kickboxing so i haven’t trained legs for a while - just getting my legs conditioned to take kicks so walking around is a bit difficult at the moment

anyway decided to stop for a while to get my training back on track and develop some real strength again as i have been travelling on and off for a long time now and have finally settled back home


Lots of warming up, stretching, box squats, lunge jumps etc.

one leg squats to deficit

1 x 10 unweighted(low box)
followed by lots of hamstring cramping for unknown reason, so i did lots of dynamic stretching and glute activation, plus some light leg extensions to see if a little reciprocal inhibition might work
finally stopped cramping as much,

1 x 10 unweighted (high box)
A1) 10kg each hand x 6,8,8,10
A2) glute clams - 4 x 15-20
A3) leg extensions (unknown weight, focusing on speed of contraction) - 3 x 15

B1) Fitball Hammy Curls - 4 x 15-20
B2) Hanging Leg raises - straight leg x
B3) Hanging Leg Raises - bent leg 10kg x 8,8,8,8


Valslide Bridges Hammy stretching


Trying a slightly modified version of the pain free chest program article posted up as my rear delts are out of proportion with my anterior delts and i have always had minor shoulder issues, so will be adding in a few rear delt exercises

Series 1

A1) Kneeling Cable Pulldown - 40kg x 15, 45kg x 15,15,15, 50kg x 15
A2) Dumbbell Neutral Grip Press - 22.5kg x 10, 27.5kg x 12, 30kg x 10, 35kg x 8, 40kg x 6
A3) Bent-Over Dumbbell Side Raise - 2kg x 10,12,12,12,12

Series 2

B1) Dumbbell Row - 27.5kg x 10,9,9,9,9
B2) Straight Arm Pulldown - 20kg x 8,8,8,8,8
B3) HS Seated Incline Press - 80kg x 8,7,6,6,6

Series 3

C1) Wide-Arm Cable Side Raise - 5kg x 10,10,9,8, 2.5kg x 10
C2) Bottom Partial Pull-Up - 12,12,12,12,10
C3) Push-Up from Handle - BW x 12,11,10,10,10
C4) Bench-Supported Rear Delt Flye - 5kg x 12,12,12,10


Doing some mind-muscle connection stuff for my pelvic floor, glutes etc. at the moment so weights are light/ non existant, focusing on using the right muscle groups

focusing on posterior pelvic tilt and tensing pelvic floor in all exercises

dynamic warm up

A1) goblet box squats (high box) - 6 kg x 10,10, 10kg x 10, unweighted x 10,10
A2) Smith Machine lunges - 10kg x 10,10,10,10,10
A3) Straight leg dead bugs w/ two arm movement - 16,16,16,16,16
A4) Glute clams - 10, 12

B1) Hamstring Fitball Curl - 12,15,20,20
B2) Side Bridge - 45sec x 3 each side


Series 1

A1) Dumbbell Rows - 27.5kg x 12, 32.5 x 10, 35kg x 7,7 32.5kg x 8
A2) Neutral Grip Pullup - Unweighted x 12,10,10,9,8
A3) Slight Incline DB Press - 22.5kg x 12, 27.5kg x 12, 32.5kg x 8, 35kg x 7, 32.5kg x 8
A4) Renegade Rows - 15kg x 8 each side, 17.5kg x 7 each side

Series 2

B1) Kneeling one arm row - 31.5kg x 10, 35kg x 8,9,10,10
B2) Reverse Flyes (low to high) - 5kg x 8, 2.5kg x 12,12,10,10
B3) Dips - BW x 18,15,15,15,13

Series 3

C1) Pulldown (wide grip) - ? x 8,8,8
C2) One arm bent over side raise rear delt extension - 2kg x ~12,12,10


2 x 800m time trials for beta-alanine supplementation Phd

first run 2:21
second run 2:15

previous best prior to supplementation = 2:21


warmup = hip flexor/ thoracic mobility stretching
then 3 x neutral grip pullup, pushup superset

Series 1

A1) Dumbbell Rows - 30kg x 7,7,7,7,7
A2) Neutral Grip Pullup - Unweighted x 12,10,8,7
A3) Slight Incline DB Press - 25kg x 10, 30kg x 8, 32.5kg x 7,7,7
A4) Bent over DB side raise - 2kg x 18,15,15,15,15

Series 2

B1) Reverse Flyes (low to high)/ wide arm side raise - 2.5kg x 12,12,12,12,12
B2) Kneeling one arm row - 28.5kg x 10, 31.5kg x 8,8 35kg x 6,6
B3) HS Incline Press - 40kg x 8,7,7,7,6

Series 3

C1) Straight Arm Pulldown - 6 x 20, 8 x 16,16,16, 9 x 16
C2) Pushups/ low to high cable flyes - ?/ 7.5kg x 10,8,8
C3) Random rear delt work - ? sets etc.


dynamic warm up

A1) Box squats (high) - BW x 12,15,18,15,15
A2) Straight single leg dead bugs w/ two arm movement - 16,16,16,16,16
A3) Glute clams - 15,15,15
A4) Glute Bridges - 10,10,10
A5) Bird Dogs - 12,14,12,12

B1) Smith Machine lunges - 10kg x 12, 15kg x 10, 20kg x 9,8,8
B2) Side Bridge - 45sec x 4 each side

C1) Hamstring Fitball Curl - 12,15,18


Rings Workout

A1) Inverted Rows - BW x 16,16,16,16,15
A2) Decline Pushups - BW x 18,16,15,14,14

B1) Neutral Grip Pullups - BW x 10,9,9,8
B2) Dips - BW x 8,8,8,7,7

C1) Rear Delt Flyes - 10,10,10
C2) Bicep Curls - 8,8
C3) Tricep Extensions - 6,7


dynamic warm up

A1) Box squats (high) - BW x 10,12,14,15,18
A2) Glute clams - 15,15,15,17
A3) Glute Bridges - 10
A4) Bird Dogs - 12,14,14,14

B1) Smith Machine lunges - 10kg x 10, 20kg x 10, 25kg x 10,11
B2) Assorted rear delt work

C1) Hamstring Fitball Curl - 6 (valslide leg curl) ,8,12,15
C2) Leg Extension - ? x 12,14
C3) Lying Leg Curl - ? x 8,12

I’ve noticed im getting a lot more control and power on the box squats so im going to maybe incorporate weight next workout, also i’ve been cramping up as soon as i do hamstring work so i have to find a way around that, i think one leg rdl might be an option


warmup = hip flexor/ thoracic mobility stretching
then 3 x neutral grip pullup, pushup superset

Series 1

A1) Bent over Cable side raise - lowest weight x 12,12,12,10,10
A2) Dumbbell Rows - 25kg x 10 27.5kg x 9 30kg x 8, 27.5kg x 9,9
A3) Slight Incline DB Press - 25kg x 10, 30kg x 8, 32.5kg x 8, 35kg x 6,6
A2) Cable Pulldown on knees (single hands in straps) - up to 55kg x 12,60kg x 10,10, 65kg x 9,9

Series 2

B1) Reverse Flyes (low to high)/ wide arm side raise - 2.5kg x 12,12,12,12,12
B2) Kneeling one arm row - used weight that indicated 31.5 x 6 on one weight stack, and other that indicated 65 x 6 on other due to machines being in use for my max sets
B3) HS Incline Press - 30kg x 10, 40kg x 8,8,8,8

Series 3

C1) Straight Arm Pulldown - 6 x 20, 8 x 12, 9 x 10,10
C2) Dips - BW x 16,15,14,12
C3) Bent over side raisse - 2kg x 15,14,12,12

Really don’t like the feel of the HS incline press think i might just do a few more sets of incline press, maybe mix it up with some unilateral DB presses or something


Arm workout

A1) Cross Body Hammer Curls - 12.5kg x 12 each side, 15kg x 6 ES, 6 ES, 5 ES
A2) Overhead Cable Tricep Extension - 6 x 22, 8 x 15,15 9 x 14,12
A3) Bird Dogs

B1) Reverse EZ Bar Curl/ Normal EZ Bar Curl - 25kg x 5/3,5/4,4/4
B2) Weighted Dips - 15kg x 14, 25kg x 8,8,8
B3) Side Bridges - 30-45 sec each side x 3

first time i think i’ve ever done an arm workout, always been a weak point for me but thought i should try and bring them up a bit, might post some progress pics and see if all this work is helping my development

only thing was because of my shoulder problems arm work is quite aggravating, and so i prefer to just do things like origin-insertion supersets once at the end of a workout etc.

thinking of incorporating bicep rows and tricep pushups that Chad Waterbury wrote about once into my warmup for my chest/ back workout, might do it tomorrow and feel them out


dynamic warm up

A1) Box squats (high) - BW x 10,15,18,18,15
A2) Glute clams - 15,15,16,16
A3) Glute Bridges - 10
A4) Bird Dogs - 12,14,14,14

B1) Hamstring Fitball Curl - 16,22,24,24
B2) Side Bridge - 35 sec each side x 4

C1) Smith Machine lunges - 10kg x 12, 20kg x 10, 30kg x 10,9,8
C2) Band Pallof Holds/ Presses

Box Squats feeling really great, got a heap of glute activation in all my exercises now, and doing the hamstring curls first is a much better idea as i don’t cramp up and it didnt seem to affect my lunge performance too much, still gonna try some other hamstring movements just t mix it up as my reps are a little too high for the curls

started creatine supplementation today again which should be interesting, just don’t have an accurate method of measuring out my doses does anyone have a good way???


warmup = hip flexor/ hip stretchin
then 3 x pronated wide grip pullup/ pushup/ green band retraction extension

Series 1

A1) Bent over side raises retraction extensions - Green band x 12,12,12,12,12
A2) Weighted Pullups (pronated) - 10kg x 5,5,5,5,5
A3) Unilateral DB Press - Incline: 22.5kg x 8, 25kg x 8,8, Flat: 30kg x 10, 32.5kg x 8, 35kg x 7

Series 2

B1) Band Reverse Flyes/ side raises - yellow band x 12,12,12,12,12
B2) Dumbbell Rows - 25kg x 10, 27.5kg x 8,9,10,10
B3) Finished off sets of DB Press, then just assorted pushups and band flyes

Series 3

C1) Kneeling one arm row - stack 5kg x 15, 10kg x 12
C2) Assorted Pushups, flyes, rear delts

Didn’t like unilateral DB press hahahaha gonna have to think of something new, really felt it in rear delts today and rows felt awesome, getting great mind-muscle connection and power


dynamic warm up x-band walks

A1) Glute mobility modified bird dogs (elbows and knees)
A2) Box squats (high) - BW

B1) Smith Machine lunges - 10kg x 12, 20kg x 10, 25kg x 10, 30kg x 8,10,10
B2) Band Pallof Holds/ Presses - Red Band x 7,7,8,8,8

B1) Hamstring Fitball Curl - 18,25,26
B2) Split Stance Band Lift - Red Band x 8,8,8
B3) One Leg SLDL (weight in opposite hand to working leg) - 4kg x 8, 8kg x 10, 9kg x 10

Feeling intese DOMS in my glutes today, think im getting really good activation of them and finally after all these years working them correctly, so hopefully i will be able to increase in strength soon enough, thinking of going back to the physio to get an mri/ prognosis again as i havent had my back looked at in a year or so and it is still sore, probably due to study, but its a good idea to get it checked out by someone now that im starting to get my training together, just need to get better at rehab on off days


warmup = hip flexor/ thoracic mobility stretching
then 3 x neutral grip pullup, pushup superset (10 Pullups, 16 pushups)

Series 1

A1) Band Retraction Extensions - Green Band (light) x 8,8,10,10,10,10
A2) Dumbbell Rows - 22.5kg x 12, 25kg x 10, 27.5kg x 10, 30kg x 10, 32.5kg x 8,10
A3) Slight Incline DB Press - 22.5kg x 8, 27.5kg x 8, 32.5kg x 8, 35kg x 6,6,6
A2) Band Separations

Series 2

B1) Bent Over Band Rear Delt Raise - Green x 9,10 Yellow (very light) x 12,12,12
B2) Split Stance One Arm Row - 55kg x 12, 65kg x 8,8,10,10,10
B3) HS Incline Press/ Flat Press - 25kg ES/ 20kg ES x 10/6, 9/7, 9/8, 10/7
B4) Reverse Flyes (low to high)/ wide arm side raise - 2.5kg x 10,10,10,10

Series 3

C1) Bench Supported Side Raise/ Rear Delt Flyes - 2kg/6kg x 10/12, 10/10, 10/9
C2) Kneeling Cable Pulldown - 60kg x 10,10,10
C3) KB Supported Pushups/ Low to High Cable Flyes - BW/5kg x 10/8, 10/8, 9/10

Feeling really rested and fresh, just trying to work on getting my shoulder up to par. gonna do arms tomorrow again to see if i can get them growing yeww