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Getting Back on Track

I used to have a log in here and logged every workout for a while until work, school, and other obligations kept me away from the computer. I can’t even find that old log anymore. I am now back in PA for my sophmore year and need to keep myself headed in the right direction both with my lifting and my wrestling. So I figured the best way was to come back here.

I am 5’8 about 175 right now. I compete at 157 normally walking around at 165-168 with 6 to 8 percent BF. I’m just starting to slowly cut down now as our first competition is a month and a half away. I spent the summer training kickboxing and grappling just to do something physical and to stay away from wrestling.
I lift 5 days a week and take the weekends off to recover. I don’t drink during the season and haven’t drank since I’ve been back at school. My usual week looks like this.

Mondays ME squat
I’ll squat off a slightly above parallel box.
225 2x8
315 2x5
405 2x5
455 2x1-3
My current max off the box is 475. I hit it for the first time for a double two weeks ago.

Deadlift/rack pulls/band pulls
My current max with only a belt is 405 but i hit up to 435 over the summer at the end of my last training cycle.

I’ll usually round it off with grip work and ab stability work.

Tuesdays DE Bench
135 2x8 pause press
185 6x3 or 135+bands

I then do heavy inclines for sets of 3. Then BOR’s or lat pulls and finish my lat work with wide grip pull ups. I then do front shoulder raises to finish that workout.

Wednesdays OL day
Cleans up to a max. Current max is 235. Then i do snatches, push press, and either front squats or zercher squats.

Thursdays DE Squat day
I generally work at 285-315 off a box 2 inches below parallel and work in sets of 5. Generally I’ll do 8 sets after warming up. Follow this with SLDL or RDL and then pistol squats off a box.

Fridays ME bench day
I work up to a max and work at that weight for 3-5 reps. My max as of now is 235x1. After this i do heavy tricep work, OHP, and then more pullups.

Throughout my week I’ll mix in a day of tabata’s or a 6x6 circuit of clean,fs, ohp, squat, ohp depeding on how my weight is doing and what my cardio is like.

My goals for the season is to hold the starting spot at 157 for the season and to place at conferences and ideally to qualify for nationals. I want to use this as my constant compass so I know that I’m heading in the right direction and that I can keep myself honest.

considering the migrain i had yesterday i had a great workout today.
DE bench
warm up with pause and press
heavy inclines up to 85
Lat pulldowns
tate press
face pulls

not too bad. the weights felt good and explosive.

a not so hot OL day. i got my 225 easy but i bailed 3 times at the bottom of 245.
snatches, pp, and front squats.
wasn’y my greatest day.

You said you box squat slightly above parallel, right? I’m not saying that your way is any worse than anyone else’s, but it’s a fact that a lot of people would tell you to squat ATG. Like I said, to each their own, I’m just curious why you squat so high? Injury?

i cant afford to squat twice a week atg/ no box. my legs dont recover fast enough to be able to run and wrestle at the same time. squatting off the box lets me get my work in and still be fresh to wrestle.

Fair enough. Wrestling is what always kept me from making the gains I should have. Have you ever tried lowering the weight and using a low box? (I use a ten-inch box, which is about as low as most people go anyway.)

The box just lets me know I’m low enough, and my numbers have suffered since I’ve started squatting so low. But I also feel like I’m getting more out of it and after a few workouts the extra soreness went back to normal. Just some food for thought.

friday was good. hit 235 on bench for a double.
today was not so good. been throwing up all day. worked up to 405 for triples on the squat and 385 for doubles on the dl. my head is pounding. taking a nap.

same old stuffs been happening. Took my fitness test for wrestling 17 pullups with more in the tank. 60 pushups in 45 seconds. 84 situps in a minutes.

other lifts went up too. Hit a 245 bench this past weekend. weights coming down good.