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Getting Back Into Working Out

Hey everyone, I’ve been looking to start lifting again and I’m not trying to go back to the routine I did before. I’m n looking for a beginners routine since I’m beginning again only there is so much information out there I don’t know which to choose from. My biggest issue is I only have access to a home gym with free weights, no machines, and a lot of these workouts I’m looking at have machine based exercises in them so that limits me, and it seems like mostly on leg days especially if I want to change up exercises every so often. I’ve seen one member on here posting saying to look at Dan John’s articles.
I was hoping to get some feedback on what you thought of that. Dan John also recommends the Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program, but again that is asking for leg press. I have a bench, barbell, dumbbells, and an EZ curl bar to work with. Working on getting a pull up bar. I was also thinking if I keep the weight lighting days to a minimum like Dan John’s minimalist training routine to incorporate barbell complexes on off days.

My goal is to lose weight, too much partying bleeding over from the summer into the winter has caused me to pack on some weight. I’m at a loss for what routine would be best for me. Any help is much appreciated.

This is not an issue.

No it doesn’t. All machine exercises have a free weights equivalent and vice versa.

No, it doesn’t. It suggests the leg press as an option but it is simply one of several options to choose from.

This is a good idea.

Diet matters more than your routine for weight loss. Fix your diet.


What do you have at home to workout with?

All you need is a barbell or some dumbbells and maybe a chin-up bar to get started.

Bad choice of words for some of my phrasing.

So as far as leg days go what type of routine would you recommend and should I be switching them out for other leg exercises every so often so the work outs don’t get stale? Or should I disregard that and try out Dan John’s minimalist routine?

I do understand that diet is important and it will need to be adjusted.

I have a bench, rack, dumbbells, olympic barbell, and an EZ curl barbell. About 445lbs of olympic plates. The dumbbells I have 55lbs of those adjustable dumbbells, and maybe 80lbs for plates (can’t remember, it might be less than that).

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You have pretty much the same as what I have, get yourself a cheap chin up bar and could always build something to do dips on.

I keep a training log on here, half way through the log I switch to training from home. Post 63 onwards.

There is a pic in there of a station I built to do dips and some water barrels for loaded carriers/prowler work.
Quite a few workouts logged too which may give you some ideas of exercises you could use.

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You have the basics, that’s fine, you don’t need the specially made machines to target a certain part of your calf muscle to succeed, however, you will need to add determination and persistency.
I’ve spent all of my lifting time in my garage with weights, a barbell, dumbbells and a rack. Nothing moreis needed.
Crank up the metal, stop over thinking it, and get strong!

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That’s exactly my problem, I’m over thinking it, I can’t help but not. There are so many routines when I search online I don’t know what it best when everyone claims the one they are doing is the best routine or vice versa and you get other people saying that specific workout sucks.

What I’m looking for is a 3 to 4 day routine, given my schedule that’s as much as I can dedicate to it. Should I stick to compound movements only? Should I incorporate isolation moves? Where should I keep the rep range? There is so much info on this it’s driving me insane researching it. In the past I would do something like this for example:

Bench Press 4x10
Incline Press 3x10
Decline Press 3x10
Flys 3x10

One arm tricep extension 3x10
Skullcrushers 3x10
Close-Grip Bench Press 3x10

And every new week I would add more weight and lower the reps, after the 4th week being the lowest rep range I would start back over at 10 reps but increasing the weight from where I initially started.

I’m looking to change this up, my goal is to gain strength while losing weight. That’s why I’m thinking maybe stick with compound moves only and incorporate barbell complexes on the days I’m not lifting. Again, I’m just at a loss with all the information out there. To give you some idea of where I’m at body wise, I’m 33, 5’8" 210lbs.

I’m appreciating everything everyone is posting here, I am looking into it and trying to take from it.

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Step 1. Find program that you like from a good source/coach.
Step 2. Do program to the letter.
Step 3. Repeat.

If you do those 3 steps for the next 10 years you will be a big, bad, lean motherfucker.

If you continue to look for the ‘perfect’ routine, you will continue to be fat and weak and no closer to your goals.

Start at that Southwood program than go on to other Dan John, Jim Wendler, Paul Carter, Waterbury, CT programs.

Don’t think about it too much, just pick one and do it.

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x2 with irish: just run through proven programs off this site, say 12 weeks at a time. Hit them hard and can make crazy progress

Sounds good guys, thanks for your help. I’m going to give the Southwood program a go.

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