Getting Back Into Training


I’ve been out of the gym for about 2.5 years due to non-health related life issues and am ready to start again. I move lots throughout the day (job related), but otherwise I’ve had little other physical activity.

Do you have a recommendation for a program to begin with? I’m looking for 3-4 days of training before work with a focus on hypertrophy (primarily) and subsequent strength (secondary).

I have no physical hinderances, but would prefer to avoid the deadlift as I got into a bad habit of doing them improperly years ago and I don’t wish to re-aggravate my lower back again.

I do understand this site has a wealth of knowledge and programs, but i cannot spare the time required to sift through them all.

Thank you for any input.

Edit:. I’m 44 years old.

Oh, and I’ll not be using supplements yet.

Start with something full body working on main lifts. Chad Waterbury has some as well research some 5x5 programs. Add in a little arm work and this will fit your goals. Get your diet right. Now this depends on goals (gain muscle, lose fat) but either way take an hour of your week and search this site for a nutrition article that fits your goals

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Let’s see:

1). Posted in CT’s forum…thus I wanted his professional/educated opinion. If I had wanted other people’s opinions, I’d have posted in a different forum. Likewise, I wouldn’t have posted here if I was searching fr CW stuff.

2). I didn’t ask anything about nutrition/diet.

3). 5x5 for hypertrophy? I thnk not.


Wow!! You are so rude he was being helpful towards you and you respond like that!! Hes actually right 5 x 5 for someone of your level is actually good for hypertrophy and strength! You need a major attitude adjustment people on this forum are really helpful and offer there time to help and guide! Yes you obviously wanted a response from ct but there is no need to be so embrasive to somebody who took the time to offer there guidance! Remember you’ve not trained for a long period of time so in actual fact at your level his suggestions were useful!

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He’s an alpha dragon though…aren’t they notoriously aggressive

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:joy: It does appear that way sigil!

That has got to go into the top three douchiest responses I’ve seen on here. Good luck getting help OP, with that attitude you’re going to need it.

Look, It’s really simple:

If I get help, great. If not, then I’m not going to dwell/cry or pout.

The thing about the internet and forums in general is that you never know who you are talking to…and most people don’t know what they’re talking about nor have the practical experiential knowledge to back up their words (no offense to anyone intended, but it’s a fact).

People who offer advice with no avatars (or pics of models, cartoon characters, etc) don’t exactly inspire a great deal of confidence that they have actually put into practice what they “know,” which is why I chose to try a professional for my question.

Honestly, if I wanted a general consensus, then I would have posted in a public forum.

The initial reply I received lacked the in-depth knowledge I was seeking, and merely parroted what many people say (check out CW, watch your diet, etc). None of which had anything to do with my question…I know about diets and thus don’t need to be told about them.

I also stated I don’t want deadlifts, which full-body programs tend to have. I know CW’s stuff…used it in the past…lots. Heck, I bought his big book of workout programs. If I wanted his stuff, I would have chosen ABBH or something.

If, however, the post had something like “I hope CT will chime in on this, but seeing as you are asking him I think you’d like his program ‘X’ because…” then I’d have responded differently.

See, the entire reason for asking on this forum was to AVOID all that stuff.

Honestly, I’m too busy to search through all the programs/articles (and let me pre-empt the natural and correct “are you really too busy” question: I watch ZERO TV, play no games nor have time wasted. I work, take care and spend time with my family, study and practice my “second craft” and take care of normal day-to-day business).

As for my screen name: yeah it’s lame…I created it for this site some 11 years ago, when I was a different man. I wish I could change it, but don’t want to lose my “rank,” and all that…I’ve been with this site/company for quite some time, although some periods of time are less active than others.

Fuck me dead but you’re a dickhead. This IS a public forum.

TL;DR of your last post:

I want a top expert to give me free advice. I’m too lazy to do any research or make any kind of effort to find out what I could do for myself. If the expert doesn’t help me for free, I’m not interested in (what is actually decent) advice from someone who just wants to help because they haven’t posted a picture of themselves.


You haven t been training for 2.5 years. Why overcomplicate things, do a beginner program (full body, linear progression) for a few months to get you back in shape.

Replace dead with a simpler hamstring exercise like romanian dead or start with a low weight on dead and learn the proper technique. Once your back to your previous shape, start worrying about more advanced program.

And if you don’t have the time or energy to educate yourself take a coach. Even if a qualified coach on this board refers you the magic program you are looking for( I guess dragons like magic stuff :slight_smile: ) If you don t educate yourself further than the program as written, you will probably lack the knowledge to execute it efficiently on your own.


Most of the people reading my forum know my ideologies fairly well and thus offer, if not perfect, at least decent advice. Especially as a starting point. I do not appreciate your attitude and I am not incline to help someone with such an attitude.

For the record the 5x5 system is an excellent tool for hypertrophy. Some of the biggest guys I know use it or have used it extensively. And since my methodology normally revolved around low reps, you would likely be disappointed with my advice if you believe that 5x5 won’t work for growth.


Well then… I understand your hesitance on taking my advice and that is fine. I don’t have stats or a profile pic because quite honestly I really don’t care what people think. My response was merely to help someone progress. I know it was on CT forum but that is irrelevant. I was just hoping you would gain a base of strength before doing one of his many programs ( the complete power look program is great). And you do realize CT is very active in these forums and if I led you astray he 100% would have posted after me…

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