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Getting Back into Training. Suggestions?

Hello everyone im a new one to Tnation. Im not new to the strength training. I was on thr BFS program with impressive results but thats been some time ago. Im going to start my strength training again and need some suggestions for programs or routines that generically have good results.

Hey man, welcome to Tnation. Theres been a couple of threads similar to this the last few days that have good responses, so that should help you out. With that said, I always recommend 531. But there are others like westside, 5x5 stuff, juggernaut, sheiko, and etc… Just choose one and stick with it for a while.

Can I ask where you are in Arkansas, Im in the Cabot/Beebe area.

My vote has, and will always go to the Westside method.

Newport Arkansas about 45 minutes from cabot. And thanks mightymouse ill check thosr out.

I train at a private powerlifting gym in Jacksonville. If you feel like making the trip, let me know.