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Getting Back Into Training After Being Sick

I’ve just had 2 weeks off from training after suffering from the flu. Never had it so bad. Spent most of this time sleeping or resting on the couch. Diet was terrible. For some reason all I could eat was frozen pizza and cheeseburgers (things that I might eat once a year).

Anyway I’m going back to the gym tomorrow morning? Any tips on how to get back into things after such a inactive lay-off?

For bonus points, who here has had the flu-shot and you thoughts on this?


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I always like to start with a full-body workout after a long layoff. Of course since I started BJJ all of my lifting layoffs have been long and I only lift a few times per week at most and it’s usually pretty cheeseball stuff compared to my previous lifting.

On second thought, don’t listen to me at all.

I have to take a flu shot because of a volunteer job I have, but I can’t say whether or not it’s been of much help. It has made me mildly ill in the past, but only on one occasion and it may have even been unrelated. Many seasons have gone by where I didn’t get the shot and didn’t get the flu.

I don’t think it is particularly important if you are young and strong and don’t spend time around people with compromised immune systems.

So there you have it. Full body workouts and flu shots. I hope the staph stays away bro!

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Been getting it every year since 07. Don’t really think it does much, but I don’t think it does any harm either.

As for getting back: just do what you normally do. Let your warm-up sets determine your workset weight.


And why would this training be any different? 2 weeks is nothing, really. Yeah, for us, who rarely skip even one training, it might feel like an eternity, but your body should adapt after a single session. Just do what you do normally, and if you can’t handle the weight/volume - don’t panic. You will on the next training for sure.

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A bad flu is no joke. I had a flu last year, I struggled with the first two weeks back. If I had my time again, I’d just work up to a challenging weight on 3-4 exercises, probably machines.

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Do the same thing you’d normally do but stop when you feel good. If you’re out of lifting shape and train til you feel worn out then that’s where you find yourself with crippling DOMS.

Undecided on the flu shot. It seems that the last two flu seasons have been bad. I’ve heard that if you get the shot and still get the flu then it’s not as bad as it could be.

My doctor explained the madness to the method. They develop our vaccine (the US) based on the flu virus in the southern hemisphere. They’re just coming out of their winter season so if you’re curious what we’re in for then check out the stats of a country that’s south of the equator.

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Replace fluids, electrolytes and minerals.(sodium, sugar, magnesium, zinc)

I’ve never gotten a flu shot, and have seldom gotten the flu, maybe once every few years. They are miserable though.

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Pretty much this. Unless you’re still having some residual feelings of being under the weather, don’t over think things.


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Thanks friends.

Off t the gym now! Onwards and upwards!


About the only adjustment I make is to drop the poundage on my big lifts by at least 10%. My goal on returning to the gym is just to get back in the groove and feel good while lifting.

@theBird Do this.