Getting Back Into Training After 2 Years

It’s Sept and I’d LIKE to bulk up to 250 by Dec, with plans to cut to 200-210 by May/June. Being at 235lbs, 26% 5’7" idk if this is healthy. I’m already at the point where I need to buy new pants because they barely fit and my boxers squeeze the shit out of my coinpurse when I squat. I’ve been really active the past month, skateboarding 1+ hours a day, running 1 mile 2x a week (my legs can’t handle the weight lol), and been to the gym for the last two weeks to ease back into it.

I really would like to bulk, I feel that motivation I had back in Iraq. Most likely I’ll end up at 28-30% BF by the time I’m done but idk how healthy this is. I’m not too worried about gaining the weight aesthetically speaking, I’m just not sure if it would be better to cut now until Dec and just maintain through the summer (which would be pretty boring, I think). The other option is obviously to go balls to the walls, I just don’t want to have a heart attack or anything.

It’s been 2 years, so I imagine my gains will come pretty fast. I’m thinking of eating 3K-4K a day for now and then go up to 5K-6K depending on where I’m at. I’ll drop skateboarding in favor of HIIT 3x a week to at least try and keep some form of cardio going.

Ideas? Pics below

(lol, I just noticed my delts have completely disappeared. This is gonna be a hard year)

3 Years ago I weighed about 135 and then deployed. I basically bulked for about 6-7 months lifting as heavy as I could to the point of throwing up and eating everything in site…to the point of throwing up. Probably ate 4.5-5k a day - at one point my buddy and I were eating a large pizza each at noon every other day, plus regular meals.

I gained almost exactly 90lbs by the time I got back, weighing in at 225 at just under 18% (I was 190-200 in my avatar). I did HIIT 3x a week plus sprints in the morning every other day (basically, HIIT everyday) which is the only reason I didn’t come back at 300lbs lol

It’s been 2 years since I’ve lifted more than twice in one month. I’ve suffered serious depression etc. My mind is back where it needs to be and I want to hit the gym HARD again!

I went to the gym and a personal trainer took my BF. He used some kind of weird steering wheel device that you hold for 15 seconds and somehow it measures your BF. Supposedly I’m at 26-28% BF right now at 235lbs.

Each month I drill in the National Guard, and people still say “Wow Carlos, you’ve been lifting huh?”. This leads me to think I’m not “fat”, even though I feel it. Hell, I see stars when I tie my shoes.

I have a really obsessive personality, so whether I cut or bulk I’ll go balls to the walls.

Start working out again, clean up your diet forget the term bulk or cut right now. But, yes you should focus on losing some body fat. To think you should bulk at this point is delusional.

Isn’t 30% getting pretty close to obesity?

Be realistic dude, you’re already significantly fat. Definitely cut.

And yes, you are fat… that’s not me trying to be mean, but rather to put things into perspective for you.

Not trying to be mean but in that grainy, shadowy photo I can see moobs and a spare tire on top of a keg belly.

No problem, I have no issue with the truth! I didnt think I was actually that fat though lol, here’s a better pic best I can do. I don’t know how true those numbers the personal trainer gave me are, but I’m guessing they’re pretty close.

I guess it would be better to cut, I just don’t know how I feel about cutting until Dec and then maintining until next sept so I can bulk again.

@jehovasfitness I didn’t see your post until now for some reason. I think you guys are right I should probably start cutting. Thinking about it, I would probably feel pretty gross come Dec. If I were to get hurt or anything, being at 250 could be pretty bad for me. I could potentially just keep getting heavier and heavier…

Dude, you’re fat. I still see moobs and now like a basketball belly.

You definitely have some muscle under there but get honest and take off the x-ray goggles. You’ve got some dieting to do.

Welcome back to the gym though, if I may be so grandiose. It must feel good to be back at it.

Look at your avatar and your new pic.

Dieting down will definitely have you looking closer to your avi than bulking up at this point.

Lmao yea the pointy shadow under my left moob doesn’t help. Thanks for the raw feedback, I’m definitely going to focus on losing BF

Definitely appreciate the feedback. I’m going to start a training log and become active here to try and keep my motivation the first few weeks as I get back into it and try and relearn everything I’ve forgotten.

Thanks again!

Why the obsessive desire with “bulking?” You even mention that if you cut now you can bulk next Sept. Realize that putting on indiscriminate weight isn’t going to help your body magically be able to build more muscle any quicker than if would if you ate enough to support your training right?

The mantra that gets tossed around a lot (I know, I throw it around myself) is that “you can’t force feed muscle growth”. Getting sloppily fat is not going to help with your muscle gains, your health, your self esteem…