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Getting Back Into This

Hi I’m new to the forum,

I have been lifting weights since I was around 20, at one point I was in fairly good condition as I had the motivation to do it.

The last few years I have lost all motivation but I’m determined now to get back into it as I have put around 2 stone of fat on! I’m going with a full body training routine to start with for the first 12 weeks to improve my condition then I’ll think about changing it up to different splits.

I need help with my diet though! I’m 6’1" and around 17 stone (haven’t checked) I’ve been eating really badly, pizza, takeaways, chocolate etc. so I cant offer a typical day of what i eat as its so varied and i havent followed a plan for a while. Im aiming to burn as much fat as I can without losing much muscle. If anyone can give me a basic plan to follow or guide me in the direction I need to look I would really appreciate it as I want to get some of this fat shifted and improve my health!

Thanks guys

Thanks a lot! Interesting read, basically a primative take on a modern diet.

As an example from that article would this make sense?

Meal 1 - scrambled egg with veg (maybe spinach etc)
Meal 2 - fruit
Meal 3 - chicken/red meat with asparagus and rice/quinoa
Meal 4 - not sure here maybe a protein shake
Meal 5 - fish and veggies possibly

I have coffee at work and I enjoy it black anyway so I’d keep that in max 2 cups a day, 2-3 litres of water.

Would this be a good start or am I way off?

Meal 2 and 4 don’t have veggies.

If you comply with the article, you should be fine.

Before getting into the hard details of a meal plan, I’d highly recommend going 4 weeks just cutting out the stuff you obviously shouldn’t be eating if you’re trying to seriously get in shape, such as:

Cook your meals, don’t eat any crap, is a great place to start. You’ll see great results. THEN, get more into the fine tuning.

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Thanks @robstein I’m going to cut out the crap and processed food, see how I get on for the next 4 weeks then go from there. Alot of the food I eat is down to convenience, laziness and boredom so I just need to knock the habits and plan ahead and not make any excuses!

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