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Getting back into the swing of things

I’ve gone and done a terrible thing. I’ve let school and work get in the way of diet and exercise. I know I am a fool. Right now I am back to eating my tuna and rice with soy sauce. After not having this for three months it really does taste like crap. My question for you guys is what would be the best way to get back into the whole lifting game? What kind of routine should i approach the gym with? I know after sitting out for this long I am nowhere near my old self, but god knows I miss it. I appreaciate all your help and i’ll be sure never to make this horrible mistake again.

Jump into it with enthusiasm, picking up where you left off. You might have to go lighter for a while. Alot of times just arriving at the gym gets me sparked. I can’t tell you how to workkout, or what your goals are or should be. “Thumb” through T-mag, and others for ideas, never use just one source for information. This forum isn’t known for encouragement, but you found the right guy to get it from. Best to you. (didn’t say “luck” on purpose) It’s all you–get to it.


I have almost the same question posted above so if you get no joy on the forum check out the newbie question.

The guys here seem to suggest the massive eating program and Ian Kings “super strength” upper body routine and his Limping into October series for Legs.

Good luck

I’d say to take a week or so to get your body reacquainted with the big lifts in your workout, with maybe more reps and a lesser weight than you were doing previously, and then just jump right in to a new program. After 3 months off, you probably want some sort of cutting workout, although you might want to take a few more weeks to get yourself ready for something like Meltdown Training or Coach Davies’ Fat-to-Fire workout. Have fun.

I made that same mistake once & I know I’ll never do it again. You’ve got lots of things to help you get back into it, the rest is up to you. :slight_smile:

You need to go to the gym TODAY. Don’t sit around and think about it, just do it! I’ve seen people in this situation; too many of them sit around and plan on going back to the gym after they straighten out their diets, get a good workout routine together, etc. Hell, I sit next to a fat boy at work who’s been telling me for the past six months that he’s getting back to the gym soon (he told me again yesterday!). He talks (and talks and talks…) about training, and then, inevitably, something else in his life keeps him from EVER getting started. In fact, while he’s been talking, my bench went from 425 to 455. The moral of the story – lifting is more effective than planning to lift. In short, DON’T DELAY – TRAIN TODAY!!!

Also, Quest seems to think we’re all Neanderthals because we help keep this board hardcore by flaming idiots who ask for quick and easy training plans. (These morons must think we have a secret that we aren’t sharing with the public. Hell, I’m lifetime natural, so I’m not even using the “secret” we all know about.) Ignore him; all of us encourage people who are serious about hard training. Good luck.

Tuna and rice with soy sauce? That contradicts what I know to be sound eating. just get after it. start. Don’t over analyse it, rather jump in, the water is fine and I bet you remember hwo to swim

Personally, I prefer my tuna mixed with ketchup. Been eating it that way since I was a wee girl. Yeah, I know. Wierd. But I am - wierd.

Dude, it'll be ALOT easier for you to get BACK into the game than it was beginning the game. It's called "muscle memory". You'll be sore after your first few training sessions - that's to be expected. However, you'll notice that it'll be easier than expected to start noticing the changes for the better.

I would seriously keep in mind recovery. Don't mentally make huge expectations in terms of strength on your return. That'll zap that enthuisiasm right out of you. Take them small steps first. Sometimes I take a few weeks off during the year and when I get back in the gym, I do a one day on, one day off routine. Each day I do one exercise. First day, squats. Second workout: deads. Third: bench. Fourth: shoulder presses. That's all that I expect out of myself. So, sometimes I feel pretty darn good enough to include abs, and maybe biceps, etc.

See? Small steps. That way, you won't be dissapointed. Oh, and get in the gym and THEN get the hell out. Enjoy ALL the aspects of your day. You'll like coming back more.

Please quit taking everything I post so personal. I don’t speak for everyone, neither do you. Things I say are my view, based on my readings and experiences, and by no means are the final (or one and only) say in the matter. You don’t speak for the entire body of contributors (neither do I), so quit self-appointing yourself as leader or spokesman. It will take pressure of you.

Mikey, are you training yet?