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Getting back into 'the life'

First off, I want to ask anybody who has any advice to please chime in.

Basically my question to all you T-Folks is: What advice can you give me to get back into the life of a T-Man? Over the past six months, my motivation has slowly declined into nothing, my eating habits have turned into nothing better than subway Jared’s, and it’s really annoying.

My physique luckily hasn’t been damaged TOO badly, which I think is why I haven’t given myself the proverbial kick in the ass yet… but it’s coming, I hope. But what can you give me for advice? Any new great programs, quotes, verbal smackdowns, anything… thanks guys.


I have been in the same boat recently, and the one piece of advice i can give is to start a Renegade program. You might be able to get away with eating like crap from an asthetic standpoint, but training Renegade-style will humble you and make you realize how out of shape you really are. If that doesn’t motivate you, start going to NAAFA meetings!


I think a change in programs would help break up the boredom of training, and cause you to challenge new muscle fibers like never before. I don’t know if you train alone, but that is what it sounds like to me. YOU NEED A TRAINING PARTNER!!! One that knows what he’s doing, stronger than you, and someone who will humiliate you during a workout and then rub your nose in it afterwards (in other words someone who busts his ass, just working out with them will bring up your intensity) Finally, you need to go to a large mirror, look yourself in the eyes and be able to tell yourself that you went all out today. You can’t lie to yourself and for me that inner drive is what will push you over the top when you get run down. Hope it helps.

Your either bored of hitting the weights - which is not a bad thing, or you do need to begin another routine. Either way, why don’t you find another activity to take the place of weight training for now? Go outside the gym, outside that box and do something else. Explore your horizons…And when you get back into the gym, take it day by day.

I agree with the others but might add that you set some new goals for yourself. For me, if I’m not constantly working towards some goal or trying to achieve something, then I too feel lost in the gym.

Along the lines of what RYANO said (and the others), having a goal, I think, helps a ton. I have been in the same exact position as you recently and haven’t been excited about any kind of lifting program. I’ve been hitting the weights lately just doing whatever I feel like, and that’s just not cutting it for me.

Yesterday, however, I started reading up on EDT and am starting to get excited about it. It’s what I need right now for a kick-in-the-pants: a program with definable exercises and goals. Call me a sheep, but when I’m unmotivated, I need something that lays it all out for me. After I get over that hump, I can do pretty much any program because I’m interested in the weights again. Next week, I’m going to choose my exercises and figure out my 10 rep max for each. Then I’ll begin EDT on the following Monday. I really looking forward to it now.


read ‘Merry Chistmas, Bob’…If that’s not motivation not sure what is.