Getting Back into Strongman Training

Hey guys, so I’m getting back into strongman this year and I know pretty much what I want to do except one thing.

It’s gonna be a 4 day split basically it looks like this;
Week 1 higher reps-8-12
Week 2 medium 4-8
Week 3 heavier 1-3

Day 1
Upper-press focus with back work

Day 2
Lower-deadlift focus with some squat work (front and back)

Day 3
Throws and jumps

Day 4
Stones or sandbags then a basic full body session

Day 5
Weighted vest walking

Day 6
Events-yoke/farmers/sled etc

Day 7

So my question is, one week I’ll do say thick bar clean and presses and the next will be with the log. E.g one week will be certain movements then the next will be different exercises and events but similar in execution. Going by my lighter to heavier three week period should I alternate each week which means a cycle would finish after 6 weeks or should I do a three week cycle then do the next group for another three week cycle? Which would be more beneficial long term?

Sorry it’s a bit long winded.

You can build strength either way.

If you want to alternate pressing events each week go ahead. I would recommend switching axle clean and presses to just axle presses out of the rack. I believe you will not be able to get as much pressing in due the fatigue caused by cleaning the axle so many times. In my experience the axle clean has always been the most challenging part, once it is in the rack position the press is easy enough.

Yeah that’s a good point. I was thinking of just doing one clean and then however many presses I’m doing between sets then once I’ve reached my top set of the day was gonna do a down set cleaning every rep.