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Getting Back Into Shape


I would like to know about what lifts I should do in order to gain size overall?

Is there merit in trainging the weaker parts first?

Do leg workouts play a huge role in overall size when trying to gain?


Before posting you should read the articles on this site. You should not write your own routine. The best thing for you right now would be to go to the archives and fill your head with information.

The best lifts are all variations of deadlifts, squats, presses, and rows.

It would be impossible to gain overall size without leg workouts. The best overall mass builders are the squat and deadlift which both use the legs primarily.


Find the thread "New to T-Nation?"

Click. Read.

You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. What works for everybody else will work for you.

Good luck.


This will get you moving in the right direction...


Read that then get started on the archives...don't expect to be able to leave your computer for at least 7 months after you start reading...except to work out and eat of course!


I agree with the others.Read up on some of the information around here.There are really good articles. Even if you went with your own routine,as long as you include the major compound exercises like squats,bench press,dead lifts,rows,presses,dips,etc.,you should be good to go.

You're a newbie,so starting out with a workout plan including these exercises would work well for you. As long as you work your ass off with these exercises and try to go heaveir with with the weights every week or two you should be doing well.

I don't have one exact plan I follw. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week,and I work my ass into the ground.I lift as heavy as I can and include all of the good exercises.You shouldn't be getting use to your workout routine.If you are,change it.