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Getting Back Into Powerlifting / Increasing Cardio


Just give you a quick background 35 I was diagnosed with dialated cardio myopathy.. unk cause. Through meds.. coreg cr, linsinpro, and asprin my heart went from 24% output to 62%. Big problem is those meds force ur body to slow the heart rate thus workouts went to shit.. first year on em always tired and dizzy during workouts so they diminished slowly n fat started to come.

Gaining about 40 lbs... now my body adjusted to the meds n getting back into it, but cant push too much due to it making me feel like my heart is gonna pound out of my chest with moderate weights and I get tired quick.

So I got one questions if anyone knows or been around this. The meds I think are causing alot of the issue n wanna get off.. asked my dr and he said nope. Imma have take em for life. Not sure if anyone has gotten off them. Everything on the internet it seems like people r 60 70 80 years old and are happy w 20 min walk at 3.5. I wanna gey back close to my.max deadlifts in a year of 515.

Any help or advise would be appricated. Thx


I feel for ya man. I know how frustrating it can be to want to train but be unable to. It would be grossly irresponsible to give advice on this topic, so I won't other than to say I'd get with your doc and discuss thoroughly.
Perhaps something you could discuss with your doc is doing singles or 1-3 rep ranges? Maybe short bursts of gravity defying weight smashing would work? I can tell you though that since your caloric expenditure is lessened, you'll need to watch what groceries you toss down your throat.


Look into something that uses a RPE system rather than a % type system. This will allow you to work on your bodies abilities on that day. I have trained people with all sorts of medical issues (no heart related ones yet) and it seems to work great for them. Key is you have to buy into the system. Best of luck!


You know for years I brushed this premise aside thinking it was for people who weren't "serious" and stuff. I've been a fan of the West-side stuff and always went for it, doing what I could that day. anyways, lately I've really grown fond of working up to a RPE of 85-95%. Some days wind up being more awesome than others but overall I am really liking this kind of stuff.

I say this to be a case study of sorts to backup your comment of buying into the system is key. That's 100% right. Often times in life MINDSET is 100% responsible for our successes and our failures.

Great post Jonathan.