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Getting Back Into Lifting

some backround info last time I lifted was 3 months ago
last I worked out i benched 445 squated 555 and dead lifted 550 I stopped lifting because i was going on dets and having fun but the main reason was i was constatly hurting my shoulder and i just got really pissed of. if i benched i would get some sorness in my should if i squated one week it was fine another one just warming up would hurt so bad that moving my shoulder at all would hurt pretty bad and same with deadlifting.

now getting out of shape as made me sick about my self so i am starting back up monday with hope my shoulder is healthy but i have never taken so much time off before

should i go and see what my three maxes are and then start my rep scheme there or just do reps with like 315. not looking to be rehurt but i never take things slow. my typical work was a 6,4,2,1 rep sceme for almsot all exercise or low reps like that.

also there is a powerlifting meet on my base in november right before i leave for deployment so i would like to be ready to win it

any programs out there that are dedicated to this kinda thing? or any one else thats basically done the same thing i have done and has sucess in a certain way

This is what I would consider:

Lighter reps with bench, and squat, and a little heavier with the deadlift three days per week. Nothing to failure just to get the rust out. This will help you ease back into it and also be a good indicator of whether your shoulder is ready.

I have experienced a similar shoulder issue and backed of from bench or any pressing for a while and then came back with a “Doug Hepburn” approach of bench and military with 90% for singles nothing to failure with longer rest between workouts. It seems to be getting me back on track. Squats and deadlift I am all over the board but one round of microperiodization usually gets me in shape for heavy training. As for the meet upcoming, be smart, do your best.

good luck