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Getting Back Into Lifting

Hey guys, new to the forum.

I have lifted only very little (in january) because all the other months after August I was wrestling in college and just did not have time. My biggest problem with lifting in the past besides nutrition is variating my workout. I want to workout for strength for wrestling. Here is what I’m doing now. (started last week)

Mon: Squat- 5 set 3 reps
Bench Press- 5 sets 3 reps
Bent-Over Row (overhand)- 5 sets 3 reps

Wed: Deadlift- 5 sets 3 reps
Push Press- 5 sets 3 reps
Pull Ups- 5 sets As many as I can (usually like one or two)

Fri: Same as monday

My trouble is that I do not really know much exercises to replace these exercises with. I only have like one different exercise. Squat, I have Front squats, and Im learning about Barbel Lunges, Deadlift I have sumo, but not much else for those and the others. I plan to switch routines every 3 weeks.

Also, does it matter what exercises I work in a routine. For example, front squats and sumo deadlifts work slightly different muscle groups than the regular squat and deadlift, so would I have to make a certain balance when I do a workout routine, just change the exercises?

Also, does it matter how heavy each set is. For example is it better to increase the weight by like 5 pounds each set (120,130,140…) or is it better to just make the weight heavy but around the same? (130,130,130)

On a side note, with barbel lunges, is each time you go down one rep, or when you go down once on each side?

Thats it all I have for now. I like this forum and have read some of the articles from the site. I hope to learn more from here. Thank you.

There are a few web pages you need:



Read those and ask again.


You gotta pick up Bill Pearl’s old school book the name escapes me but someone will chime in.

So is it ok to have just like two routines and keep swtiching theme every 3 weeks? For example, I am using the one listed right now and then when Im done Ill replace squat with front squat, bench with incline bench, push press with SOHP, BOR with underhand BOR, deadlift with sumo, and ill keep the pull ups.

Will this add enough variability to keep my body guessing or should I add even a third routine? Especially with an imporant exercise like squat how many times should I take off from the traditional one? (my favorite exercise).

You can do that until it doesn’t work. Pick 2 routines that are unlike each other. For example, do strength one time, endurance another. It depends on your goals. Pick your 2 top goals and switch back and forth.

my goals are just strenght, to get stronger for wrestling and jiu jistu. i dont want to do any endurance (high rep) stuff, unless i really really need to. so myabe ill have like 3 main routines for strenght and just keep switching them up?

also, how much BCAA do I take? Noone is repsonding me on my thread lol. Thanks for the site btw, its awesome.