Getting Back Into Lifting to Get Rid of a Gut

I’m 37 yrs old male, 6’0" 195lbs. Been training on and off since my early 20’s. Developed a nice gut that I would like to get rid of. Also would like to build some lean muscle mass and get rid of the soft puffy look. A little cardio is important too. I started on 100mg of Test Cyp due to low test which has motivated me to get back in the gym. So far my workouts have been good. I’m kinda stuck to how I use to work out in the 90’s. I’ve noticed guys in the gym seem to work out a little different now. You don’t see training partners as much any more. Not a lot of spotting going on.

Anyways, I’ve been training about 4 to 5 days a week working 1 body part a day and ending with some light cardio. I usually work out for about and hour each time. What other routines can I try experimenting with to mix things up. Due to low back problems I tend to stay away from heavy squats and dead lifts. All my exercises are focused on strict form with sets ranging from 6 to 10 reps.
Thanks for any advice.

Reduction in BF% levels is a function of diet first and foremost.

Measure what you are eating now and how much you weight, and if it doesnt change after ~2-3 weeks you need to adjust.

If you are able to train 4+ days/week i would recommend some sort of either push/pull, upper/lower or similar split for gaining muscle, ~50 reps total per msucle group, each muscle group worked 2x per week

For losing weight, a total body circuit, low rest periods high reps works good, but as mentioned before, diet is more important than everything else

if you want to make progress at a reasonable pace, you need to focus on one goal (i.e. low BF or more lean mass) at a time