Getting Back Into It

well, my name’s ewan and i’ve been at this site for a while. i haven’t really been here in over a year but, after a while of eating too little and drinking too much, i’m back where i started. I’m going to read as many articles on this site as i can to help me out. but i know nothing about a decent program so i’m asking you to help me out. I’m 6’3 and weigh about 180 pounds. i’m lanky with skinny arms and skinny legs and i have a beer gut and no shoulders. I have a brand new weight/workout room at my college and it’s free so i decided that after each day of classes i’d workout for a while so i’m planning on a monday to friday workout schedule, and sometimes on weekends because i have a dumbell set at my house, and i can work on stretching as well during the weekend. so help me out?

oh and also i just wanted to add i’m mostly going to try to achieve strength, but i have no problem with bulking to any degree.

There are a lot of good programs on the site… just pick one suitable for beginners.

Anyhow, stick to it man.