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Getting Back Into It


ok, i am prepared to take a lot of heat for this, when i was in college (about 3 years ago)i was heavily active in sports working out religously and eating properly. I was 185lbs 6' with 12% body fat.

when i got out of college i lost my gym membership and i couldn't afford to join one. i bought some home equipment and here is the thing..i cant seem to get motivated to use it more than once a week.

i'm up to 205(and not in a good way) and i fear that if i dont get back into it before 25 that i just wont.so my question is this: does anyone have any motivational tips to help me out?

p.s. i haveent been to the site since college ... i like what u've done with it


Nothing magical will happen after age 25. No dead end or point of no return. It's about what's important for you - your priorities. Just get a notepad and log what you did on your workout, then try to beat the result on the next. Commit to two workouts a week and you're set.

And you should enjoy working out, not avoiding it. Working out is great. You can put your anger and energy into the weight, watch as you're getting stronger(LOG HELLO!) and leaner.

In 2005 I barely had any equipment and a schedule that makes a sniper in Baghdad appreciate his job. And I worked out at least 3x/ week(mostly 5-4x!!). I cooked three times durring the week to have decent meals.

Get your pussy ass together and start busting out reps. I don't care if today you just do three sets of deadlifts and call it a day. Or maybe you wake up and decide to try every possible variation of the bicep curl - just do some shit with weights and love it! Watch a Schwarzenegger flick.


so its been just over a week and i have worked out 4 times hitting every major muscle groups and even doing some things that i wasnt quite ready for but i used to love doing( like supersets). as for motivation i watched pumping iron and it just got me right into it. so i am going to post to this thread like a journal and keep updating with my progress if only to keep me honest, and if someone can manage to find a shred of intelligence in what i write (although i doubt thats possible) then good for them...i will post pics when i'm no longer a fat ass


Motivation? How about being unhealthy and looking like shit?
If I had to watch an inspirational movie every time I didn't feel like lifting, I would be in big trouble. Hopefully the results you see will be motivation enough.
Good Luck.


If you want some extra motivation take a picture of yourself in your boxers and tape it to the refrigerator.
I'll bet it does the trick.


It is hard to get back into. But you gotta get yourself through that first day/week/month and then look back at how you were when you started. you will start to see a difference if you DONT" GIVE UP on yourself. 25 isn't old at all, you are still in your prime to get to the gym, eat GOOD food, sleep as much as you can (without getting fired) and you'll see some results really soon

and if you got some extra fat kicking about, hit the cardio deck at the gym or go running....all that combined will get your body back from the darkside.

most everyone on this site has started over, or started from the bottom; your not the only one. so DO IT and don't give up!


i dont think my roommate wants to see me in my drawers everytime he goes for the milk. hehe..i've been sticking with it and im finding that it is important to structure my workouts so that i am starting with my favorite exercises and leaving abs to the end. i find this way i "get in" to the workout and am enjoying it too much to remember that i hate sit ups. it also is nice to see that i didn't lose all my strength from before, especially in my triceps and chest. it took a few sessions but i am close to the weight i was doing before. but point of this post is that i am having fun lifting and that is motivation itself...gonna go find some bicep exercises


the workouts keep getting better...i found on sunday i really didnt want to lift,, but i did...and it ended up being my best session yet, i added 2 new exercises to my program .....i am going to work some ball exercises in in the next 2 weeks as well...

i also went down to a local retailer and picked up a protien isolate that will take some of the pressure off my diet...i've realized i have a weakness and its breakfast cereal...so i will have to find one that is decent so i dont go nuts...