Getting back into it

hey i have been looking at this site for a bit, a friend from the gym was telling me about it. Anyways to give you an idea of what im about, im just under 160lbs, i have taken kinesiology and have a pretty good backround of muscles and such, i used to work out with a couple friends much larger then me and once they got stronger it was impossible to do sets with them because in workouts such as bench i would bench 170 and they would be lifting 260 and changing the weights would get anoying to say the least. The physological aspects werent working either, I wouldnt feel happy about lifting what i could lift because i would be 100lbs under their bench lifts. Anyways I had an ankle injury and family emergency and i gave up going to the gym and I have suffered a good amount of atrophy in my chest, well everywhere and i have told myself i have to get back into working out. So i ask you guys what you think the best day/muscle workouts are the best. I mean if i do biceps and traps monday what would be the best to follow on tuesday, i would like to get back into the groove as fast as i can, if you have some links i should check out or any advice i would really appretiate it, another thing if it helps is that although by weight i am considered ‘small’ my muscles tend to make me look alot heavier and because of my athletic slate i tend to be really define,


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Hi, there, Naslund19. Welcome to T-Mag.

No matter what your prior background, T-Mag is a whole nutha’ world. It’s a great resource. The two things you need to be looking at, even though you didn’t mention it, is your nutrition and different programs that have been put together by some of the writers that are in some cases nationally reknowned strength and conditioning coaches here on T-Mag.

So, start reading the articles in the Previous Issues section and start using the search engine, both on the left-hand side of the screen. My experience is that single words work best. So look for things like bulking, nutrition, program, chest, delts (whatever body part you’re interested in). The search engine can be used to search past articles, the forum, or both by changing the default in the drop-down window.

Re the nutrition, start reading everything written by John Berardi. The man’s a nutritional guru that has quite a following here on the board.

Put to use the things you learn here on T-Mag, and you’ll be lifting with your friends in short order. (grin)

Good luck to you!!!