Getting Back Into It

So I’m coming here to tnation in order to get some advice. Honestly this may seem sad but I’m coming to you as someone who went from being in great shape to being horrible. What I mean is without giving details of my job it involveds massive amounts of time away from my family and extreme stres to the point taking my own life was an option,I’m past this and want to rebuild myself. This has lead to a bad diet and life style. Long story short I need advice to regain a program that will build me back up. My current situation is >13% body fat. Squat around 450lbs, bench 315ish, deadlift 505lbs, overhead press225lbs. So I’m still on ok shape but I am garbage overall please help!!

Sorry to hear about what you went through. I just want to chime in and say you’re not as garbage as you think. Infact your lifts are quite good and a 225 overhead press is very impressive and 13% is leanish bodyfat.

You’re still in really good shape! I dont know what shape you were in before but if this is what you consider garbage then … tbh id love to have your strength levels.