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Getting back into it


I am starting back at the gym now for the first time in well over a year. When i was last doin it i went from 58kg to 85kg in about 2 years...mostly muscle. i am 6.4ft tall and 20 years old.

I will list my diet...my main problem is that im unemployed and am at tafe full time. I only gets 460 a fortnight and 200 of it goes to rent. I also currently pay 66 a fortnight for my internet. I have around $110 a week for food :frowning:


Bowl of oats with some brown sugar and full cream milk and protein shake with 2 Swiss fish caps and a teaspoon of creatine.


a sandwich with peanut butter and maybe some fruit, or sandwich with cheese tomato and avocado.


stake sandwich or chicken with pasta and veggies like broccoli, carrot, beans and cauliflower

4: before dinner



Chicken or stake dinner with carbs and veggies.

7: before bed


And a protein shake with creatine after every workout whenever it is i get time to do it during the day.

Ok so since i have been rather lethargic and my muscles would be super week at the moment i am thinkin i should start of slow. I am gonna start with a 4 day a week workout.

Here is my workout i made myself, let me know what you think and what i should change, thanks

Monday: Legs.

Squats: 4 sets of 8
Deadlifts: 4 sets of 6
calf raises: 4 sets of 20 seated or standing.
30 min walk/ride while drinkin my shake.

Teusday: Back

Pull ups 3x10
Lat pull downs: 4x12
Seated rows: 4x12
upright rows 4x10
bent over rows 4x8
Shoulder raises 4x16

Wednesday: chest and core

Flat Bench: 3x 12
Inclined bench 3x12
Cable Cross overs 3x15
Dumbbell bench 3x10
weighted sit ups 4x20
and some dips at the end if i can handle them.

Thursday: Cant make it to gym so day of and some light cardio

Friday: Arms

Dumbbell curls 3x12
barbell curls 3x12
skull crushers 3x12
tricept cable pushowns...forget the proper name: 3x12

Saturday: day off with some walking or maybe some cardio in a game of basketball

sunday: day off with some cardio

kk that's my workout i just made up as i went along in this post. I haven't been into this stuff for ages so looking forward to getting big and ripped again. Please make some comments on what you think about it all. :slight_smile:


aight well i spose ill just do that. Was hopeing for some more professional advice on my routine but oh well...


I'm just wondering how you can be a gym junkie for life but you didn't lift weights for a year.

I sure hope it was surgery or some kind of medical condition.


lol just like all drugs junkies are adicted to it costs money. i can upload pictures of before and after and you will be impressed i think. I normally hung out on fitness.com website. My username there is "Smithmachine" and i have over 1000 posts. Its actually a post of mine called "to win a bodybuilding competition" that shows my development.


? You are saying you quit training for a year because you thought it was costing too much money?


not enough money for food to sustain my size/growth and no access to a gym.


Won't comment on the routine, as I'm not sufficiently strong.


  1. You're "So Poor!" yet you have money for creatine and protein powder?
  2. Your diet looks surprisingly competent compared to what most post on here. I would say to eat a lot more and to stop eating so many sandwiches, but see if it works for you I guess.

As a general note, I don't make comments on this usually, but your spelling is abysmal. It's somewhat difficult to take you seriously.

Also, killer bump after...what?....7 hours?


Health is your most important thing you got going on from any perspective so how could it costs too much? It wouldn't make any sense at all to be succesful in life and not be able to live to enjoy it so if there is one thing in life that everyone should strive to splurge on as we become adults is taking care of our body and becoming better.

If you can't afford supplements then learn how to train with out them. Many college students and I'm sure every prisoner in the US goes with the use of supplements but still manage to train. Supplements are just more of what you would find in food but they make it a little more convenient. I'm sure if you have trained before than you know how to construct a sound diet. If not then you are at the right sight. Just hit the search function.

Just think of it this way regarding protein and creatine. If you spend $70-80 on that a month you could be using it for more a grocery list like this.
Quick Oats - $3.25
Huge Peanut Butter Can - $4.00
2 Bags of Chicken Breast 3lbs - $11.00
Vegetables (Steam Bag) - $.89 x 7 weekly

That's $25 a week and I buy these thing every week even though peanut butter last much much longer for me so that would come out to $100 a month. You could double your grocery list by ditching the supplements because it is so expensive and increase your calories exponentially in a healthy manner.

Regarding being in a gym I'm not sure you need to that either if you are in the start up phase. You can get it done at home like a few people on here do by constructing your own gym one piece at a time or you can go the planet fitness route for $10 a month. Everyone can afford that.


I am Australian so i probably wont be able to buy the same amount of stuff compared to your American money. Yeah i bought that with some of my savings i had which is pretty much all gone. i bought it more for just giving me quicker gains so i can work my way into it. I know protein powder is just quick access to the stuff normal food provides. You cant really get the same creatine muscle saturation without a supplement and fish oil...well...i am not eating fish every day.

Did my first workout yesterday, woke up this morning loving the soreness. Its funny coz i go way harder then all the big fellas there. Gonna be doin back today :slight_smile:

Man i really wanna concentrate on my traps and neck muscles coz i got such a long ass neck :frowning: it comes with being a lanky mofo. Any suggestions on what i should do to really isolate my traps?


all has been going well so far. Modok did you see where i said how much i said i had to spend each week? With the funds i have there will be no such thing as eating out or going out and spending money on the weekends.





going on my 3rd week now and everything is going good :slightly_smiling:


good luck with training and everything else gymjunkie4life :slight_smile:


Pulled my the left side of my lower back, right above my glutes doing deadlifts :frowning: I am pretty sure its because my bone structure is uneven and the left leg does more work the the right :frowning:


Stop finding excuses not to eat. Go kill a wallaby or a dingo or something and eat that shit. It'll be your cardio to chase one down and a good workout to lug it back.


i am eating heaps...to much i think. pretty sure im putting on fat but oh well.


man that pulled muscle pain went away so quick. Must be all the food im eating healing it up real fast. Any way did back today. Went way harder then any one in my gym as usual...


smashed my chest today woopwoop


If you're going to use this thread as a log just make an actual training log and place it in the right place.


lol yeah ill let the thread die now :wink: