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Getting Back Into It!


so ive been lurking like the rest of the people on this site and im looking for some help. im trying to figure out how to use this site so sorry if i posted in the wrong section....

im currently a 28yr old man 5'9 about 315 i have a bigger build so im not a thin guy at all never was and nor do i want to be. im looking to get a strongman/powerlifter build. not sure where to start. i use to lift in college and high school playing football so i sort of know how to lift. so basically what im trying to do is go from a beer belly and man boobs to a big chest and arms im not to worried about the gut because that should fall off with the weightlifting can anyone send me in the right direction to get the ball rolling i have no idea what to do when i get to the gym im overwhelmed so i guess im looking for a good beginner workout routine. i tried a personal trainer but he just wanted me to lose weight im not fixated on my scale number im worried about my look and health. can anyone help ? thanks in advance !


I would say just do a regular upper/lower split, or a typical BB split for a while, then try Wendler's 5/3/1 when you have some decent maxes.


Just get on a basic, no nonsense bodypart split for now. How many times a week do you plan on lifting weights?
Personally, I'd recommend going at least four times a week with a split something like this:
Lactate inducing circuit training.

For exercises pick about four for each day from the following list:
Chest and Triceps: Flat Bench press with a Barbell or Dumbbells, Inclined bench pressing with a barbell or dumbbells, dips, flyes, close grip benchpresses, pushdowns, skullcrushers and Overhead DB extensions.
Back and biceps: Deadlift, Bent over Barbell Row, T-bar Row, pullups, pulldowns, chin-ups, Barbell Curls, Hammer Curls, Reverse Curls
Legs and Shoulders: Squats(these are not optional btw), front Squats, Leg Press, Lunges, Split Squats, Hack Squats, Military Press, Push Press. Dumbbell Shoulder Press(seated or standing, alternating or not), Lateral Raises, Front Raises, Face Pulls.
Do three sets of 8 for each exercise.

For the lactate inducing workout something like this could work:
Squats x 12
Bent Over Row x 12
Push Press x 12
Stiff Legged Deadlift x 12
Bench Press x 12

All could be done with the same moderate weight, with no rest in between exercises. Do one complete run through, rest for a few minutes and repeat for a total of at least 3 repetitions.
There, that's a fairly solid beginner program for someone just starting out.


thank you guys this is awesome information this is really gonna help me out this is what i was looking for. but a few questions what is a "typical bb split" im new to the lingo or upper/lower split sorry i probably know what it is just as a different name