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Getting Back Into Gym, Possible AAS Help


Guys & Gals,

I recently found this site and thought I would use this site as my way to getting back on track. I know I am going to get some backlash and possible hesitation to the questions or concerns I may have.

Anyway, I havent been to the gym in the last 10 years. It has been a rough 10 years losing my 1st wife, having kids, etc etc. I come to all you guys today because I am a little lost on how to proceed to get the motivation to get back in the gym and get back to good health.

I am 6"2" 220lbs and approximaetly 25% body fat. I am a prior college baseball player and athlete who used to love the gym. I am fimilar with AAS as I recieved great results with minimal test and anavar 10 years ago I have the genetics to look descent when I am in a routine. I work about 50 hours a week in the OR as a medical device sales rep. Time and laziness has hindered me from getting back on track.

I come to you guys and gals today to ask for some advise. As I stated I am 38 and have all the kids I am gonna have. I am needing a little kick of motivation to get the juices flowing again. I am going to a Kettlebell workout tommorow with a trainer and I am hoping that will be the start.

I have been doing some research and reading a little up on a few AAS that I would like to supplement into this "new" program. I had blood work done and my current Test levels are at 450 I realize that is ok, but at my age and current mental state, I figured doing a possible 200-250 mgs of test to help supplement my activity. Maybe even 20mg of Anavar along with the Test. Question, should I begin this as soon as tommorow to help with the recovery and to get it going as I get back to the gym. Also my IGF levels are slightly low. Was most likely going to supplement GH into this program. I dont not want to be big and jacked, just cut up and healthy. I need this more mentally than physically, but figured I will achieve both as I dive back into the gym.

I am scarred as hell to get back in the gym as I feel the recovery time is going to be a very painful process and I just dont want to give up. I am not a puss, I am willing to work for it. Just scares me that I have let things slip to this and it is a bit scarry to start all over again. Family priorities and work has interferred with my health.

That is why I come to this board for the "goog" and the "bad". PLease feel free to say whatever you would like to say as I feel I can only learn from you guys. I will be fine with "lashing out" as it is no one fault but mine. I am just looking for advise that will assist in moving forward as I believe this could save me from a mental breakdown

Thanks for reading and listening


You haven't been to the gym in TEN years. You don't need AAS, you need some work ethic. You will make incredible gains in your first few months back that many guys here wouldn't even be able to make on AAS themselves due to their long training careers.

At your age, you have a more delicate HPTA than you did whne you were in college. Its very possible you will end up needing TRT for life if you do a cycle now.

Your idea is incredibly silly, IMO.



come on man.

go lift weights. or swing kettle bells. DO SOMETHING.

Seriously? Scared of the recovery time? Think about that for a second.


Don't start var tomorrow. Don't start any AAS. Not the miracle you are looking for.

The painful process of getting back in the gym is a good thing

If you are willing to work for it then you won't give up, but the motivation you are looking for is personal. You know yourself best, and what you can stick to and what you will give up on. For me, setting goals and working towards them is the best way I motivate myself.

And if you are truly worried about suffereing a mental breakdown, adding drugs into the mix is not going to help. Just get back to a routine, set some goals, track your progress, and do the work.


Thanks for all the responses. It is obvious what there is for me to do. Thanks to all and thanks Jimmy I believe it all starts with goals

Thanks and sorry if I bothered anyone



No bother. Stick around and read as much as you can. Just don't start spouting off how great texas is and you will be fine