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Getting Back into Bodybuilding

Hello all, I haven’t posted in here in a longggg while! I have been keeping busy and still eating as healthy as I can and going to the gym four days/wk.

I’m the type of person who sets goals in the gym and when I achieve them I move onto the next goal. Some goals I met were: achieve a bodyweight chinup with my bodyweight in weight attached (180lbs) Strict overhead press my bodyweight (180lbs) dip my bodyweight in added weight, Deadlift 450lbs easy, full squat 385lbs bench 405lbs (with a huge powerlifters arch) perform an Iron Cross on rings. These are some of the goals I’ve challenged myself to and met head on and accomplished. I’ve trained as a power-lifter, Olympic weightlifter, bodybuilder and gymnast. I kept going back and forth in how I wanted to train and why.

Once I met a goal I pushed it aside and tried something else. But I always did it because I wanted to look like the super heroes I idolized growing up. Now I want to go back to bodybuilding and shape and sculpt my muscles to the best of my ability. I’ve come such a long way in terms of muscle growth and strength and I want to keep this as not only my goal but lifestyle.
my body stats thus far are
height 6’0 bodyweight a lean 180lbs with a waist size of 28-29
pictures to follow

this was before my workout the other day

this was after (chest shoulders Tris)

I really need to bring up my chest!! maybe focus more on slight inclines and pec minor dips =/

You look a bit heavier then 180 at that height, I am about 178 and barely pushing 6ft in my Avi for reference.

Your PR are pretty impressive but right now it is hard to see your definition, maybe focus a lot on diet and switching up some things with macros and peri work out nutrition? I think you would look great and get a good idea of where you were at if you leaned out a bit, of course no crazy cutting, just some conditioning work and dieting while trying to keep strength levels steady and keep working on those gains!

Curious what is your diet and training like as of now?

Yeah people always think I am heavier than I actually am…which I’m thankful for. I actually have started upping my conditioning work again to lose some fat. As well as upping my green tea consumption although egcg has a low bioavailability (and starts breaking down when coming in contact with oxygen) unless you add black pepper to your meal while drinking the tea (among other things) my diet hasn’t changed much from usual other than eating less carbs drinking tons more water, eating cocoa powder in my foods and drinks for a nice nitric oxide pump.

Also added different vegetable combos for desired health effects… I am seeing desired changes in body composition since upping cardio such as doing my HIIT more often in the week
So at least my bodyweight in protein and taking my bodyweight and having 70-80% of carbs per pound of bodyweight and lots of healthyfats from fish and grass fed beef and organic eggs nuts and seeds (soaked and roasted)